Sonny Bill Williams denounces the anti-Islam crusade in New Zealand

All this happened to CarltonAnd Sydney, pigeon Sonny Bill Williams Take a picture and post it to Instagram Where you can see a sign displayed on the fence of the construction site of the mosque being built: “Let’s say no to five prayers a day, 365 days a year, that’s too much.”

Sonny has recently become an icon and support for all New Zealand Muslims, and as such he has taken charge of that by showing how in kangaroo land,Islamophobia She is not asleep at all.

“Racism is alive and well in Carlton, Sydney” and complained loudly on social networks, in response to the provocations: “God willing, we will pray 365 days, 5 times a day in our new mosque very soon. I hope the Most High will eliminate racism in our society “.

In his interview in this regard, he said: “There are thousands of Muslim families in the area that have no place to pray, yet the Muslim community has been in the Carleton area since the 1950s and deserves, like other communities of believers, to be able to do so with dignity.” .

And he concludes: “The more places of worship of churches, temples and mosques in the area, the more happy I am, because I know that people will learn morals and good manners with religion.”


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