Sonny Bill Williams atomizes Eddie Jones!

Sonny Bill Williams atomizes Eddie Jones!

Former New Zealand international Sonny Bill Williams has criticized former Australia coach Eddie Jones.

The latter believes that the Australian technician had unacceptable behavior towards the Australian Federation, as he was the one who suddenly decided to leave the Wallabies team at the end of the World Cup while he was participating for several more years.

He did not fail to reformulate it in his own way. Extracts:

“To be honest, that says a lot about his character. This is interesting. I can’t believe it yet. I saw through his antics and big speeches. He’s a guy who has a habit of burning bridges. The things he did… If he was a player, I wouldn’t stand with him. From “It is very good that he is held accountable, just like the players.”

On the other hand, he said that he was satisfied with the decision of Australian Federation President Hamish McLennan to leave his position. Extracts:

“I commend the board for making this decision. I announced before the World Cup that it was not the right thing to do with Eddie and it has backfired massively. Egos must be left at the door. The fans deserve better and these players too. A lot of people have forgotten “Dave Rennie’s leadership. Australia beat South Africa twice and came close to New Zealand.”

Sonny Bill Williams recently offered his help to the Australian Federation. In vain for now.

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