Something new will come before the end of 2024

Something new will come before the end of 2024

There are moments in the history of watchmaking that represent a turning point and a bold step towards new horizons of creativity and technology. Grand Seiko will create one before the end of 2024.

Two years ago, Grand Seiko shook the watchmaking world by unveiling its first mechanical complication, the original Kodo. And now that saga continues with the long-awaited launch of the new Grand Seiko Kodo Daybreak reference. SLGT005, a work of art that captures the essence of watchmaking innovation.

Kodo Daybreak Exquisite modernity made in Grand Seiko

The original Kodo watch, with its tourbillon mechanism and constant-force winding, immediately captured the attention of enthusiasts around the world. Its successor, Kodo Daybreak, continues this legacy in an impressive way. With a design that evokes the dawn of a new era for Grand Seiko, this watch embodies the perfect alliance between tradition and modernity.

The new Kodo watch retains the constant-force tourbillon movement that made its predecessor famous. But this time, it shines in a new light, with a 950 platinum case and polished solid titanium, highlighting the vibrant theme of dawn.

A very rare and exclusive watch

What truly sets Kodo Daybrea apart is its masterful fusion of technical sophistication and elegant design. Beneath its elegant exterior hides a mechanism of remarkable ingenuity. The built-in winder ensures consistent power distribution, ensuring precise and regular operation of the tourbillon. It is a technical achievement that attests to Grand Seiko's exceptional know-how.

Grand Seiko Kudo "Daybreak"

But Kodo Daybreak isn't just a technical achievement; It is also a work of art in itself. Every detail, from the polished Zaratsu mirror finish to the premium finishes executed by the Atelier Ginza team, showcases the brand's commitment to excellence.

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Grand Seiko Kudo "Daybreak"

Limited to only 20 copiesKodo Daybreak is a rare and exclusive piece. Ha Delivery is scheduled for December 2024, which is the latest release of the popular Kodo series. But its influence will last far beyond its limited availability, leaving an indelible mark on the history of watchmaking.

Grand Seiko Kodo Daybreak

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