"Some researchers believe that hardening mush will be science."

“Some researchers believe that hardening mush will be science.”

Interview – He publishes sociologist and research director at CNRS What does the activity do to searchDeep, decisive text. With particular clarity, it analyzes the crisis that higher education and research are going through, undermined by strong ideological currents, colonialism, feminism, or intersecting.

Natalie Heinich notes the crucial role of Pierre Bourdieu in recruiting sociology for political purposes and criticizes the spread of “studies” in universities. She is sad about the scientific inaccuracy of this work. For the researcher, these “academic activists” are dangerous, because they distort the university’s very mission: knowledge development and transmission.

Le Figaro. By condemning the entry of the “Islamic left” to the university, the Minister of Higher Education, Frederick Vidal, sparked a heated debate. How do you see this controversy and how was it revealed?

Natalie Heinch. – This controversy began in October 2020, when Jean-Michel Blancer was the first to denounce this left-wing Islamist university, after Samuel Baty was assassinated by an Islamist. He was by no means irresponsible, as some have claimed: there are currents in the humanities and social sciences

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