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Small space: 44m2 Bright, soft and organic on the heights of Belleville

In this loft with glass ceiling, blinds Float (wilds) It refracts the light that enters in abundance and softens the window structure. Around the coffee table in white lacquered solid beech is made to measure (AS Bois), pebbles (Smarin) and a Mags Soft (Hay) sofa. the carpet 1060 EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIONS (Codimat) Cut to size to be incorporated into the slightly excavated earth to accommodate.

© Helen Langlois

In a 20th century factory converted into residences, this loft occupies the fourth and upper floors. Height under a vaulted ceiling supported by protruding metal beams: 4 metres. “It may seem enormous at first, but it is divided into two heights by two meters, as here it is a bit narrow. We need architectural games à la Escher to overcome this problem of large height and small height divided. They create interesting but complex spaces.” ..” Captivating interior architect and designer Elizabeth Hertzfeld, who must compose with a cube drenched in light, is gorgeous at first glance, but divided into several small spaces in a mixture of lines, vaults, beams, and dividers. “How do I get that impression of the first moment when you tell yourself that it is big, beautiful and bright?” I said to myself. ” » Starting with the canopy. Large, it is a well of light that floods the space. But it is divided into slabs, buttresses and studs, and it adjoins the library and its angular geometry…

Colored Celeston Counter Suede finished figurines It defines the living room and kitchen where storage continues to the rhythm of the library but is dressed in maple doors. Mercadier linoleum concrete floor uniform in white Cocomilc When the creenza is gray Sheffield. plaster pendant lights Oscar (Astro Lighting).

© Helen Langlois

Relaxed industrial style

In the middle of these straight lines, the designer brings roundness thanks to a large, pliable, soft curtain, which breaks up the rectangles with its undulations and covers the bookcase with a wide arc that wraps the sofa, pacifying the bookcase boxes, if it meets an important storage need “You must know how to disappear as if by magic so that we can find more space for the zen.” The huge library extends to the kitchen area. The different spaces are dramatically intertwined, and the look embraces them all at the same time. Elizabeth Hertzfeld chooses maple wood to create as much continuity of shapes as possible in a kind of positive/negative reversal of tones. The luster and wood grains respond to the whiteness of the floors, curtains, and polished furniture as well as the gray-bronze of the Cardenza waxed concrete, windows and metal beams right down to the glass paste of the bathroom dipped in a lighter tone.

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