Small adjustments for Wales before facing Argentina

Small adjustments for Wales before facing Argentina

After beating New Zealand hard (55-23) last Saturday, Wales made three changes and some tweaks to Argentine Pumas’ visit on Saturday for their fall Test matches.

Coach Wayne Bivak decided to start the hard block Luis Reiss Zammit (21) for the first time as a full-back, who usually occupies the wing.

The combined absences, through injury, forced the New Zealander’s Lee Halfpenny Williams to try, even if Reiss Zammit’s first header match, against France, in 2020, had just won when he replaced Halfpenny at the back. . But his next 19 matches were all on the wing.

This caused a game of musical chairs: Gareth Anscombe, playing #15 against the All Blacks, advances to the half-fly position, pushing Reese Priestland to the bench, while Alex Cuthbert replaced Reese Zammit on the wing.

In forwards, captain Justin Tiboric will move from winger to third winger for this match, leaving No.6’s place to Dan Lydiat, while Tommy Revell, injured in a rib on Saturday, will not be on the team sheet.

Also note the absence of Welsh group world record holder Alun Wyn Jones from this match.

On the front line, Dillon Lewis replaced Thomas Francis as columnist.

The fifteenth leeks will have to be wary of the Argentines, who won Sunday’s Twickenham against England (30-29) for the first time since 2006, before facing Georgia and then Australia.

Wales squad to face Argentina on Saturday:
Rhys Zammit – Cuthbert, North, Tompkins, Dyer – Anscombe (man), Williams (Q) – Valletau, Tiburek (cover), Lydiat – Bird, Rowlands – Lewis, Owens, Thomas

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Subs: Elias, Jones, Wainwright, Carter, Morgan, Hardy, Priestland, Watkin

Coach: Wayne Bivac (New Zealand).

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