'Skinny like the host': The English team try for a penalty

‘Skinny like the host’: The English team try for a penalty

England will be the opponent of Italy in the final match that will be held on its own soil, at Wembley Temple, on Sunday 11 July: the victory of the English came after Accuracy NA was set in the second extra time of the semi-final against Denmark for the ten minutes that might have decided the match on penalties.

Non-existent rigor

Although Sterling fell in the penalty area after a collision with Maheley, the referee considered a penalty and controversial referee McKelley, who did not even go to review the procedure on screen, was confident in his teammates’ interpretation. How was and . invented talented This punishment is illustrated by the same Englishmen who openly admitted that there is no penalty. “I don’t think it was strict – said Harry Kane, the England striker and author of The Critical Goal for ITV, the network that broadcast the match in England – It’s a very “soft” penalty kick.“.”Even when British experts say it’s not a punishment, it really means it won’t be there“At the end of the match said a Southgate fan as I mentioned magazine.

“Make it thin like the host”

As mentioned, the British themselves are self-critical: “Kane’s winning penalty came from a foul as weak as a host, a goal that bad experts could smell, scrutinize and praise for his highly accurate qualities.‘, ironically writes that Watchman. Another popular newspaper that is widely read across the channel, the the sun, flies over his generous penalty but underlines how goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, as Kane prepares for the penalty kick that was intercepted by the Danish No. 1, has annoyed him laser The green pointed to the face that almost certainly came from the English pulpit to distract the goalkeeper at the crucial moment. “The hard-faced Schmeichel – who on Tuesday mocked England’s lack of success in the tournament – was able to focus on Kane and the ball.They wrote.

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What do the foreign press say?

Even the French, not really our friends, thought it was “Un questionable penalty‘As title the team. “little contact Then he reads the article. Not to mention the lack of it“. BrandThe Spanish sports newspaper is closer to everyone’s thinking and to the evidence of the facts, the headlines of the newspapers unambiguously.Controversial penalty kick leads England to first European final‘, with the journalist specifying, in the article,’Soft and smooth hardness“Those dedicated to the British. In addition to citing the most important and well-known newspapers, from Australia to New Zealand, there is a series of comments all on the same wavelength. While broadcasting Rai Uno’s ‘Noti Europee’, Spillo Altobelli added a potion of giving voice to what each of us thinks:”If they had given Italy a punishment similar to that given to the British, the British newspapers would have been talking about it for a whole year.Oh yeah, Spello is right, but we have to get over it: Next Sunday Italy will play against 66,000 English fans away, but, hopefully, without… submission A triple-judgement psychology that can unconsciously tip the needle of controversial decisions in favor of the Three Lions.

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