Six keys to transform your overhead-lit clock into a state-of-the-art smart TV

Six keys to transform your overhead-lit clock into a state-of-the-art smart TV

appeared since fifteen yearsMedia hubs have retro aspects. at the time of Smart TV On the latest model, these are “wifi keys” or “multimedia boxes” that provide access to flowfor many games and applications … it may look outdated.

However, we all at home have an old unplugged monitor that works as an extra TV, and an older generation TV that no longer benefits from updates but we don’t want the solution to replace it. Even a simple computer screen that we would like to switch to Smart TV. To give them a real facelift, “20 Minutes” has selected six of these “gateways,” from the basic Full HD to the most advanced in 4k.

Basic: Google Chromecast

latest version of google chromecast It is only 1080p. Installs in 1 minute using a QR code that will be displayed on the screen (if you already have a Google account), the device provides access to countless applications, streaming platforms, games … customizable with the manufacturer’s PlayStore. 5GB of built-in memory allows you to store games, movies, and series for your travels. 31 euros (also available in 4K version at 55 euros).

Chromecast, from Google. – The Google

Our opinion: Tested with an extra small TV in the bedroom dongle Ready to use, very practical. The Google TV interface is very smooth and customizable. The easy-to-use remote has two dedicated buttons: Netflix and YouTube. Perfect for giving your old Full HD TV a new look!

Ergonomics: Nokia Streaming Stick 800

Only Full HD, the key Running stick 800 It runs on Android TV and provides access to over 7,000 apps. The hidden accessory of 3.44 x 9.3 x 1.2 cm holds most video and audio streaming platforms, thousands of games, etc. Equipped with a simplified remote control, which makes it very convenient to use. Along with this switch, Nokia also offers the Streaming Box 8000, which is 4K compatible. 59 euros.

Nokia Streaming Stick 800 remote control.
Nokia Streaming Stick 800 remote control. Nokia

Our opinion: This key flow The entry level is Nokia in name only. The legendary brand here developed under license to Streamview … The device doesn’t distinguish itself from many of the competitors in the space, but benefits from a remote control, the only one backlit in this group of products.

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Audio: Amazon’s Fire Stick 4K Max

40% more powerful than its predecessor, Fire TV Stick 4K Max HDR, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision (and Dolby Atmos in Audio) compatible. Provides Wifi 6 support (with compatible box) for its part a flow More flexible, especially when several devices are connected to the network at home. Prime video, Netflix, Twitch… it’s all there – or almost -, and the integration with Alexa-compatible devices for the connected home is even better. And a good point to search for movies: the stick will take out the ones you are looking for and offer to watch them according to the platforms you have. 64 euros.

Fire TV Stik 4K Max from Amazon.
Fire TV Stik 4K Max from Amazon. Amazon

Our opinion: Offering a very compelling experience (especially using voice search), the latest version of dongle Amazon stands out with its faster app opening, smoother navigation, and direct remote access keys to Alexa, Prime video, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Music. However, it is a pity that it is impossible to increase the 8G memory of this device!

Trendy: Thomson THA100

Easy to use, equipped with a universal remote control with microphone, 4K HDR compatible, the small box Thompson hat (11 x 11 x 2.2 cm) is Android TV. It has great connectivity. HDMI (cable provided) and optical sockets; 100Mb ethernet port, and even an AV jack to connect a TV without an HDMI jack to answer the call. Additionally, Thomson has equipped its case with two USB ports (USB 2 and USB 3), as well as a microSD port. Compatible with Chromescast, you can also use it to cast content from your smartphone to your TV. 79 euros.

100 THA from Thompson.
100 THA from Thompson. -Thompson

Our opinion: The somewhat outdated Android TV 10 only moves this small box that still fits on a very large majority of screens. Update is allowedupdated. The rather tight internal storage space (5 GB available) finds its salvation with the ability to expand the memory. Good point: the device can do without an Internet connection to play content abroad flow You can take it anywhere!

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Flawless: Apple TV 4K

Apple is improving its ecosystem. this Apple TV 4K Super fast thanks to the help of the manufacturer’s A15 Bionic chip that gives access to all its services (and those of competitors, such as Netflix or Prime Video). From Apple TV + to Apple Music, to a service the games Apple Arcade, photo albums stored on iCloud, Apple Home to control your connected home, and Apple Fitness +, if you want to exercise in front of the TV, nothing is missing! Bonus, 4K images in HDR10 +, Dolby Atmos sound, but also compatibility with AirPods 3 and headphones forefront from Apple. 169 euros (64 GB); 189 euros (128 GB).

Apple 2022 Apple TV 4K.
Apple 2022 Apple TV 4K. -an Apple

Our opinion: Complete, with perfect and streamlined ergonomics, this box will mainly appeal to Apple fans who will find in it a real center for all their entertainment. In the presence of competitors’ services, Apple is careful not to make them stand out …

Player: Nvidia’s Shield TV Pro

the hub TV Pro Shield From graphics card manufacturer Nvidia maintains its good reputation with updates. Under Android TV, there is 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. If, like its competitors, it provides access to many services, then there is its own: GeForce Now. this service Cloud gaming 4K HDR lets you play classic PC games right on your living room TV without a PC. You can also pair the box with any Bluetooth controller, such as the joysticks of new generation game consoles. 219 euros.

The Shield TV Pro, from Nvidia.
The Shield TV Pro, from Nvidia. nvidia

Our opinion: The Nvidia case is supercharged, but with age (their most recent version dates back to 2019), with excellent quality flow And it can still claim to be the best Android box. 16GB will quickly saturate, but a simple USB key can increase the memory.

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