Singer and reporter Antoine tells us about his travels in New Zealand

Singer and reporter Antoine tells us about his travels in New Zealand

Known as Antoine, he revolutionized the French music world in 1966 with his song “Les Élucubrations”. He will be a full-time singer for about 8 years, filling in Olympia. At the age of thirty, he decided to circumnavigate the world while recounting his travels through books and films and continuing to sing. A portrait of this contemporary adventurer.

Hi Antoine, could you tell us what made you travel, especially by sailboat?

When I was younger, I did a lot of hiking and bus trips. I have always had the desire and passion to travel, unfortunately with road trips you are not 100% free. Always follow the road, no matter the direction. When I was 25 I had rented a house by the water and there was a dinghy available, which wasn’t worth much. From the moment I set foot, I fell in love with the sea, and immediately found that feeling that I miss with the road, this feeling of 100% freedom. With the sea, you don’t have a specific route, it’s a 360 degree possibility. I told myself I would be going around the world at the age of thirty. A 5-year adventure at the base, spanning over 45 years.

Antoine performs the Hongi song, the traditional Maori greeting in New Zealand

You have published many books and films about your travels. How did you go from being a singer to being a reporter?

Just like the song, I learned as a self-identifier. Writing and directing films was above all a way to connect with my audience. I wanted to share my passion with them in the form of a story. During my first trips, I was surrounded by a professional team and my partner Francette. Then, thanks to the development of technology, Francette We were able to prepare our reports on our own.

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Antoine and Francette in Hobbiton
Antoine and Francette in Hobbiton

I have traveled to many countries. Among them are Australia and New Zealand. What is your relationship with these two countries?

I adore both of them. But they are very different even if they have similarities. My first trip to New Zealand It dates back to 1987, and the last is until 2020, moreover, we should be there if covid doesn’t arrive. More than 33 years have passed, and yet the country has not changed much. We find the traditional side with kiwi farmers, sheep farms. even citiesAuckland Based on Wellington Maintaining human size, its development is not excessive compared to other cities. This timeless charm makes it a modern country while preserving the quality of life. The country is not huge, and in a few kilometers you are out of place. added to kindness Kiwi fruitThis makes it a preferred country.

Singer Antoine's boat
Banana Split (name of the boat) at a mooring on Mercury Island, in front of the flowering Pohutukawa (Christmas tree) in New Zealand. ⠀

and Australia?

The first time I arrived AustraliaThat was in 1978. I visited the northern part for the first time, cairnsAnd the DarwinAnd the Christmas Island And the Cocos Keeling Islands. I loved this ’70s, this wind of freedom that blew while allied with the beauty of nature. The country is so huge that I couldn’t see it all, and I’ve been visiting since then SydneyAnd the MelbourneAnd the PerthAnd the Uluruand many other areas.

What are your unconventional recommendations for these two countries?

Tough choice! I would say because I have to choose, for NZPeninsula from Akarwa In memory of the French heritage bay of islands And the Wangari. repeat AustraliaThe QueenslandAnd the DarwinAnd the Bornolulu with its vaulted rocks, Bungle Bungles.

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Have you published any books on these destinations?

Yes, we just published a book Stay in New Zealand In October 2021. WithTourism New ZealandWe made a book and a movie about the whole country. These are not ordinary travel guides, I say my feelings there, I bring testimonies from known and unknown people, I talk about different professions, geography, political context, women’s place, but also nature, people … All are illustrated with photos. Next March we will organize a lecture tour with the film I am editing.

for Australia, we still need to complete the screenshot shots. We will do that once the borders are reopened. At the moment, we rafted, Banana splitwaiting for us, inaccessible, in North Marina Sydney. Perhaps, if the situation continues, we will consider selling it Australia : I just celebrated my seventy-seventh birthday! If one of your readers Australia He wants to take command from us on top of this beautiful raft, he can contact us directly via Our Location.

From the book by Antoine

Would you like to order Antoine’s book “Escales en Nouvelle-Zéeland”? Write to us directly at [email protected] with Livre Antoine in the subject line. We will tell you how to proceed.

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