Singapur reemplazó a Nueva Zelanda como el mejor lugar para estar durante la pandemia de coronavirus, según el índice de resiliencia de Bloomberg

Singapore topples New Zealand as the best place to pass the epidemic

New Zealand was first isolated as the best place during the coronavirus pandemic, as a result of a slow vaccination campaign. The country recently It was replaced by Singapore In the Flexibility arrangement Bloomberg, Which uses a wide range of data to determine where the health crisis is being addressed most effectively, with less social and economic disruption, from mortality and testing rates to access to vaccines and freedom of movement.

While both countries have practically eliminated the circulation of the virus, Immunization in Singapore is more advanced. The report concluded that although life is relatively normal in these two places, “Singapore has already provided vaccines equivalent to covering a fifth of its population,” while New Zealand is lagging behind – as well as Australia and Taiwan.

Other countries, such as Poland and Canada slipped in index rankings, despite increasing vaccination rates. In many cases, Their governments loosened restrictions when they began vaccinating the population, leading to high rates of infection with the new variants Before reaching sufficiently high levels of immunity.

After international acclaim for its response to Covid-19, New Zealand has received criticism for its slow launch of the vaccination campaign. For this part, The government says it will vaccinate all of its willing and eligible residents by the end of the year, and vaccines will be available to all adults around July..

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda ArdernFrance Press agency

So far, the country is achieving its monthly targets, and officials say the prevalence will increase dramatically in the coming months, but still, Only 4.5% of the target population have received an injection so far. Meanwhile, New Zealand’s borders remain closed to most international tourists.

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In remarks Watchman Earlier this month, University of Auckland vaccinologist Helen Pettosis-Harris said New Zealand may have begun preparations for a vaccine rollout earlier. He said the National Immunization Register, which records vaccines and second doses, was outdated: “It had to be implemented, and I can say it should have happened much earlier and it should have been more advanced.”

He added that the New Zealand health system was unprecedented in handling a large number of cases, so it had to be prepared.

The Resilience Rating for Covid-19 is updated monthly and calculates the final “Resilience Score”. New Zealand’s score this month dropped 0.1 points to 79.6. For its part, Singapore topped the standings with a score of 79.7. The database ranks 52 economies, estimated to be worth more than $ 200 billion before the pandemic. Australia closely followed behind New Zealand, in third place.


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