La bonne opération pour l'excellent Damien Penaud et ses coéquipiers.

Shy blaster, back nightmare

Damien Benaud in the Great Evenings and Amal Saved but also raised with great difficulty… Find the peaks and the flops in the meeting between Claremont and Sale (25-19).


Damien Benaud shines again
Even at the center of Claremont’s attack, regular winger Damien Benaud was able to show all his talent to lead his team on the path to victory. He was directly involved in Clermont’s second attempt, scored by Aliverity Raca (22) after a devastating breakthrough, then the French international allowed his partners to equalize just before the break by flattening Caviar at the foot of Camille Lopez (39). If his defensive flexes at times can leave something to be desired, Damian Penaud is establishing himself more and more as the tough guy and X-factor for ASM’s three-quarter line. The logically chosen man of the match.

Fritz Lee is always everywhere
Tough man in Clermont’s locker room for eight seasons now, New Zealand’s third raw streak has released a new high-quality version on the European scene. The author of Clermont’s first attempt after being shot perfectly by Sébastien Bézy in the middle, Fritz Lee struggled in the defensive sector by fending off several English attacks and proving invaluable in the ground game.

Maintain hope for rehabilitation
The essentials are guaranteed for Juno Gibbs men. After a long unresolved match, the Jaunards gave themselves the right to pursue their dream of qualifying for the finals. After an initial cold shower against Ulster (23-29) and a goalless draw against Ciel due to the health crisis, ASM was able to afford its first success in this European campaign. With 7 points now on the clock, like his opponent in the evening, Clermont is sixth in Group A and thus in the qualifying nails, promising the first eight game. But there could be a defeat at Ulster Park next Saturday (6:30 p.m.) to change the cards.

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Matsushima-James, an evening to forget their backs
Kotaro Matsushima and Luke James experienced a real ordeal during this Champions Cup match. Once again after announcing a positive result for Covid-19, the Japanese appeared to be physically lacking in juice and eliminated many of Claremont’s chances with front or poor choices in his races. The same goes for his Sharks counterpart, Luke James, who was uncomfortable on the cover with several balls dropping when receiving candles and a logical yellow card received after a voluntary lead (39) in a clear chance for ASM ahead of Damien Benaud’s test.

The second failed act of sharks
With a tie in the first half (19-19), the English performed better than the Michelin rival Clermontois. More condescending to the front and meticulous in their rare chance, Tom Curry’s teammates had enough to nurture big ambitions in Chapter Two. But it was nothing. Multiple errors in serve and indiscipline in the ground game to win their ranks came at the end, ground zero after returning from the locker room. However, as a consolation, the sharks were able to save a defensive bonus point and avoid offering an offensive bonus point to their opponents.

Post-Christmas Gifts ASM
Clermontois offered a set in their first two attempts for sale, who didn’t ask for much. After a scum at 22m to negotiate, Sebastian Pizzi hesitates to heal him and returns possession to the Sharks after he slid forward. On the next penalty kick, Sale scored his first attempt, valid across South Africa’s second line Jean-Luc de Preez (fifth). Bis repeated in the 26th minute when, having lost the ball in contact, Clermontois was penalized with a long play at Robert du Preez’s foot in the back of their defense, which winger Tom Roebuck managed to flatten by accelerating Marvin O’ Connor. Two shows that the English language did not hesitate to personify for a long time to question ASM.

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