She makes fresh, French-influenced cheeses in New Zealand

She makes fresh, French-influenced cheeses in New Zealand

Annabelle launched into entrepreneurship last year, after the first lockdown. Annabelle Cheese offers fresh, French-inspired cheeses made in New Zealand. Fresh cream made from cow's milk, white cheese made from sheep's milk or even fresh cheese made from goat's milk… all products are artisanally made, without additives or preservatives. As natural as possible!

Hi Annabelle, can you briefly introduce yourself?

It arrived New Zealand In 2007, with PVT and my friend. After obtaining my master's degree in agro-food chemistry, I had difficulty finding work in France. Then a lot of people suggested that we go abroad. It was an opportunity to learn English first. Then little by little we decided to stay. We are now residents. During these years, I worked for several companies including BEVEE which I stayed with for 9 years. In 2019 I started creating Annabelle cheese.

Tell us about Annabelle cheese? What is its peculiarity?

Annabelle cheese Offers fresh cheeses with a French influence. We are not looking for hard or ripe cheeses, but rather soft cheeses with a very delicate flavour. These are cheeses that are distinguished by their texture, but also by the product itself. There are no additives or preservatives, it is natural. They can be served raw to taste or reconstituted.

Do you make it yourself?

They are all craftsmen, and I do everything myself. It takes me between 2 to 3 days. I prefer quality over quantity. I choose the farms I work with by making sure they respect the environment and their animals. I also adapt the availability of products depending on the seasons. This allows me to offer high quality cheeses.

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How did you get the idea to start your own business?

I have always loved gastronomy, especially cheese. I've always loved animals. I have also thought about starting my own breeding farm for a long time. So it was only natural that I started making my own cheese. I started Annabelle cheese In 2019, I was working part-time alongside my job, and then with the first quarantine, I was laid off. I then took the opportunity to grow my business full time.

What do you think of the cheeses available in New Zealand?

Choices regarding cheese were very limited in New Zealand. These pastes are often solid, and almost always contain additives and preservatives. I wanted to offer something else in terms of texture, taste and quality of the products.

Why did you join KIWIFRENCH?

I loved the concept and find the products Annabelle cheese With their French tastes but made in New Zealand perfectly in line with the slogan “When French art de vivre meets Kiwi lifestyle”.

Available online at The first marketplace to highlight French artisans from New Zealand, support your community by placing an order and having it delivered straight to your door!

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