She lost her engagement ring in the hay and, 54 years later, miraculously found it

She lost her engagement ring in the hay and, 54 years later, miraculously found it

A 76-year-old woman was left speechless after a metal detector found her engagement ring, lost 54 years ago, in a field on her farm in Wales.

She couldn't believe it anymore, and yet the unthinkable happened. Marilyn Birch, a 76-year-old British woman, found her engagement ring that she lost 54 years ago on her farm, according to the British Daily Mail. BBC.

The precious gem had slipped from her finger while she was feeding cows on her farm near Pontardawe in Wales. Her husband, Pete, 80, had given her the ring in 1966. The couple said they had stopped looking for it.

“Go get my ring.”

Until a metal detector comes to scout their farm for items. On the third visit to the mineral researcher, the seventy-year-old said to him: “Look, Keith, don't worry about all this trash you find, go get my engagement ring.”reports BBC.

A week later, the miracle happened. A precious engagement ring lost for decades, lost in hay, has been found thanks to a metal detector.

“It was unbelievable”

“I couldn't talk. I couldn't stop looking at her… It was unbelievable. So moving.”“, the Briton confided to our colleagues at the BBC.

Marilyn Birch never wore her engagement ring, except for a few hours. “For some reason, one Saturday morning, I put it on, decided to go shopping, then came home and fed some hay to the cattle.” She discovers that she lost her jewelry while washing her hands shortly afterwards and remains upset.

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And you won't leave it anymore

Her husband said finding the engagement ring was a… “Wonderful moment”. 54 years later, Marilyn wore her ring again, which fit her so perfectly, she would never take it off.

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