She is suing her boyfriend because he did not take her to the airport

She is suing her boyfriend because he did not take her to the airport

The argument turns sour. A New Zealand woman has sued her boyfriend for breach of “oral contract” after he refused to take her to the airport, forcing her to miss her flight, the New Zealand Daily reported. New Zealand HeraldToday, Thursday, June 20.

according to prescription In a court filing, published on the same day, the man agreed to drive the young woman to the airport in the morning, so she could attend a concert with friends. The couple also agreed that he would stay at her house to take care of her two dogs in her absence.

Even though they had been a couple for six years, the man was supposed to come to his girlfriend's house around 10 a.m., but he never showed up. Accordingly, the NZD She decided to take the matter to the Disputes Tribunal arguing that the verbal agreement between her and her partner already constituted a legally binding agreement on the part of her now ex-boyfriend.

Because of the latter, the woman said she incurred several unexpected expenses, including the cost of a new plane ticket, an airport shuttle and placing her dogs in a kennel.

However, the plaintiff's request was denied. For an agreement to be enforceable, there must be an intent to create a legally binding contract, Circuit Judge Cresia Coy said.

The judge found that the nature of the promise made here was “exchanged in the course of an ordinary exchange in an intimate relationship” and that “there is nothing to suggest that there was any intention between the parties”.

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“Even if the promise was made, it is far from being a contract. It is part of daily family agreements and family relationships that cannot be implemented in a court of litigation,” the judge said.

“Partners, friends and colleagues enter into social arrangements, but they are unlikely to be legally enforced unless both parties do something that demonstrates their intention to stick to their promises,” she adds.

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