Several major absentees at the meeting of former heads of state

Several major absentees at the meeting of former heads of state

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It was destined to be a historic moment. On Friday, July 8, Burkina Faso’s President of the Transition, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, invited five former heads of state of Burkina Faso to the presidential palace in Cosiam. The objective of this meeting: Launching a national reconciliation to confront terrorism. For the occasion, President Damiba even allowed the return of Blaise Compaore. But only two former presidents attended.

Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Henry Damiba explained that this consultation was aimed at finding solutions for lasting peace in the presence of Blaise Compaore, who was physically weak and could hardly stand. ” The process is not to perpetuate impunity, but to contribute to the search for peaceful and cohesive solutions for Burkina Faso. The urgency of preserving the existence of our homeland requires concerted efforts. »

Three former heads of state did not participate in the consultations for various reasons, confirms our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya Bodani. Among them is Roch Marc Christian Kabore, whose supporters broke into his home early in the morning to prevent him from participating. ” Not long ago, the verdict was passed in the Thomas Sankara case where former President Blaise Compaore was sentenced. From this point of view, the controversy over respect for the constitution, the separation of powers, and the need for convictions to follow executions… As a former Head of State, I am concerned about the situation in the country and am committed to making my contribution. »

Other absentees: Michel Kafando, declared unwell, and Jacob Isaac Zida. According to one of his relatives, he did not want to participate in a meeting that he considered too hasty. In the end, no more than half of the heads of state invited by President Damiba attended. ” It’s all for this Summarizes an active member of civil society. “ It’s not a reconciliation, but a masquerade said Bockarie Konumbu, president of Le Brassard Noir, a civil society movement.

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The urgency of preserving our homeland does not allow us the luxury of wasting any time arguing. At the end of the meeting, President Damiba announced. The latter stressed that arrangements had already been made to continue individual consultations with those who were absent from the meeting.

In a press release, the Burkinabe for Human and Peoples’ Rights believes that this meeting above all revealed the true roadmap for the ruling military junta: Restore the words of the ousted Blaise Compaore regime and cancel all their crimes under the pretext of national reconciliation. »

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