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Several Blizzard games are currently available on Discord

Although it is a strong measure on the part of the hacker group, the idea of ​​being able to play Blizzard games offline is not on its first try. In March 1998, a ‘bnetd’ simulation package titled ‘Bnetd’ came out. starhack » The same is allowed in the game StarCraft A native.

After receiving an official notification letter from Blizzard, its creator, Mark Baysinger, abandoned the project a year after its inception. as open source, starhack However, she continued on her way before Blizzard brought him to justice. This is also one of the first legal cases to invoke the DMCA to put an end to these piracy practices.

The Russia-based Blizzless Group does not appear to be concerned about the fate of its venture. It will only be the first step to make Blizzard games accessible to as many people as possible. The small group is already planning to provide a portion of its source code so the community can also fit it in.

At the moment, it does not appear that Blizzard has taken strong measures to put an end to the practices of the Blizzless Project. Thus, this issue will wreak havoc.

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