Seven dead, including Turks and Lebanese

Seven dead, including Turks and Lebanese

The emergency services said, that seven bodies were found, today, Saturday, in the wreckage of a helicopter that disappeared in the mountains of northern Italy on Thursday, and did not announce the presence of survivors.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that four Turkish citizens were on board the helicopter, while Italian media reported the presence of two Lebanese citizens.

The ANSA news agency reported that the pilot was of Italian origin from Venice, and said that the other victims were on a business trip. “After the remains of the missing plane were discovered in Mount Kosna on June 9, the sadly lifeless bodies of seven people on board were found in the wreckage.The Italian firefighters announced on Twitter. “No survivors foundAlpine Rescue Service added on Twitter.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry confirmed, in a press statement published on Friday, before the wreckage was discovered, that four of its nationals were on board this helicopter, which disappeared after leaving the city of Luka on Thursday.

The search was carried out by the Italian Air Force, firefighters and police. Bad weather hampered the first attempts to find the helicopter, which had disappeared in a sparsely populated mountainous area.

In a video posted on Twitter, an Italian Air Force spokesperson said on Saturday that rescue teams had to walk to the scene where they discovered “Everything is on fire“.

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