Set off on a good break with Frenchman Perez... Continue to the twelfth stage between Bryanson and Alpes d'Huez

Set off on a good break with Frenchman Perez… Continue to the twelfth stage between Bryanson and Alpes d’Huez

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3:49 pm : @ Grenoble from 77 Since 2020, the host and hostess has introduced signature shirts every evening, that’s valid for all stages, the Champs Elysees. Not bad for young women who have served in an official position before, I remind you of the horrific article my companion Raphael Gaudette wrote about their terrible three-week condition.

3:49 pm : good morning. A small minor question: is it the end of the flight attendants at the end of each stage of the tour and on the Champs Elysees or not? What about the current regulations? (I don’t watch the Tour, and I don’t like cycling, but this point interests me…). Thanks

3:42 PM : Caleb Courage, changes at 27 km. Well, on the other hand, there is still the Alpe d’Huez. # TDF2022

3:42 PM : Idea for runners having a bad day (after a terrible run yesterday).

3:41 pm : Pierre, you have to remember the Froome incident and the fact that it was clear that he would never regain his form. It’s really quite unusual to be there…thanks science (I can read sarcastic I admit)

3:41 pm : In the comments, insisting on the performance of Chris Froome, who made a solid Tour de France just a few years after his terrible fall on Dauphini.

3:34 pm : 🏔 Let’s go for the long climb to Col de la Croix de Fer (HC).

🇬🇧 @PerezAnthony1 (20 points) and 🇮🇹 @giuliocicco1 (15 points) can come close to 🇩🇪simongeschke (43 points) in the mountainous ranking.

#TDF2022 ⚪️🔴

3:33 pm : The runners approach the slopes of the Col de la Croix de Fer, seeded outside the category (29 km endless!). The split is about seven minutes before the peloton as we’ll likely have to wait for Alpe-d’Huez’s return to explain ourselves.

3:29 pm : Incredible photo of English runner Tom Bidcock as he descended from the Col du Galibier. Don’t do the same at home!

(Tim De Wiley/Getty Images)

3:25 pm : Kom så Vingegaard! 😍🇩🇰 Live from The CW Obels plads i Aalborg! #borg #jumbo #jumbo

3:25 pm : Meanwhile, in Jonas Vinggaard’s stronghold, we’re watching the tour on a giant screen. Obviously it’s the Tour des Danois that has already racked up wins in two stages, the big start and now the yellow jersey.

3:19 pm : @dyl01 Chris Froome is currently 44th in the overall standings, 27 minutes ahead of Jonas Weinggaard. Which is honestly not a bad thing compared to last year when he wandered like a ghost for three weeks and ended up in the depths of the rankings.

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3:19 pm Where is Chris Froome in the Tour de France general classification?

3:16 pm : A new case of Covid in the UAE-UAE clan with manager Joxean Fernández Matxín, who left the Tour de France after testing positive after an internal examination. # TDF2022

3:17 pm : Tweet embed Imagine the virus continues to wipe out the Emirati formation of Tadej Pogacar, who, in the last result, had to surrender, a runner running while he tested positive (Rafal Majka) and is now a member of the positive crew.

3:16 pm : good morning. There are no cases of Covid or cases of neglect before the twelfth stage?

3:15 pm : The first part of the tour has already given us some unforgettable photos, especially for the Grand Départ in Denmark. Here are some pictures!


3:14 pm : Great to see Chris Froome off the lead – his last breakup/first minute came back at Le Tour in 2018 when he was third in Paris #TDF2022

3:14 pm : Grande Boucle followers have dug into their archives: The last time we saw Chris Froome in the lead was in 2018. So five years ago!

3:12 pm Simrow Corner

3:16 pm Do you know the curve of the Dutch and the Norwegians on the curve of the Alps de Uys? Here’s the Welsh Curve, supporter Geraint Thomas, original son and 2018 Tour winner.

3:04 pm : #TDF2022 Well we sleep there! The French victory is still waiting as it is! We can’t say we lit firecrackers there! 😟

3:04 pm : We hope you get your neck wet at the start of the stage after yesterday’s fireworks. So far the situation is very calm…

3:16 pm : Nine riders hold the lead, including Chris Froome, Tom Bidcock (best rated overall, 11 min) and Anthony Perez. They are approximately 4 minutes before the peloton. Note that the temperature is 32°C in the valley between the Gallibert Pass and Croix de Vere.

2:51 pm : There are still fans…

2:51 pm : Note that some irreducible fans of Lance Armstrong still always resist the invader… To stay in the metaphor spun on Asterix, know that the American sprinter drank too much magic potion.

2:50 pm : We often talk about the Dutch bend but the Norwegians (n’5) are not bad either in terms of weather…

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2:50 pm : Do you explode a little at the beginning of this stage? Count on the Norwegians to bring the finish to life!

2:48 pm Note: Chris Froome is among the fugitives today, a rarity since his big fall in 2019. The tour quadruple winner hasn’t gotten to the same level for a few years.

2:38 pm : @Chip13 And the Tweet embed The thing promised, the thing owed (we just waited for the end of the presidential interview). And know that Rafael has light socks when it comes to summarizing an hour of a presidential address in a few lines.

2:38 pm : No, but what’s the story, we’re told Raphael Gaudette in a polka-dotted shirt, not even a supporting photo?!

2:38 pm : We had a picture of Pierre in lens colors, we would like to see Raphael in a polka dot shirt… 🙏

2:35 pm : Regroup at the helm of the race, joined by Anthony Perez, Julio Ciccone, Luis Meintjes and Nelson Bowles. They’re 1’20 ahead of many chase groups, including Chris Froome, the peloton is less than two minutes away.

Gropito, Peloton for those allergic to mountains, is already about 5 minutes away.

2:48 pm : Anthony Pérez crosses the Col du Galibier alone in the foreground, 2,600m above sea level, sorry. The Cofidis tricolor racer is one of the breakaway’s regular contestants. He spent a good portion of the stage ending in Calais in the lead all afternoon.

(France 3)

2:26 pm Note that earlier, at the start of the stage, there were two riders, including former yellow jersey Yves Lambert. fell because of a dog who escaped the vigilance of the spectator on the side of the road. Not serious, fortunately.

Unless I’m mistaken, this is the first such fall on the Grande Boucle this year.

2:25 pm : You will notice that the runners interviewed before the start wear a cooler jacket to cool down their body temperature before starting. In hot weather, runners can also drink up to 10 liters of water during the stage.

2:24 pm : Tweet embed Sure, but let’s hope Romain Bardi wins the yellow jersey on the pedal (well, that’s in my dreams, trying 40 km before the end should bring me back to my senses).

2:24 pm : If Dane tests positive for Covid-19, will Romain Bardet become a yellow shirt?

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2:24 pm : El Diablo! Believers of the position in Granon 😈

2:24 pm : MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen Don’t worry about Didi Seifert (that’s his nickname), the Indestructible Devil was on tour yesterday on the roadside at Col du Granon.

2:24 pm : And the legendary German fan Diablo, what happened to him?

2:23 pm : Alpe d’huez awaits the arrival of stage 12 of the LeTour at the Dutch bend. To follow the live broadcast on franceinfofrancebleufranceinterradiofrance #TDF2022

2:23 pm : This is not a video of the atmosphere pervading the editorial staff (they were evacuated) on July 14, but the now famous role of the Dutch.

2:15 pm : The race is not decided yet as we approach the steep slopes at Galibier. Anthony Perez started alone at the front, with seven riders trailing, while Peloton led by ambitious Thibaut Bennott, Tom Bidcock and Primus Roglic trailing only 1’23. Nothing has been determined yet, while the most vulnerable items have already been released. For them, it would be a very, very long day.

1:43 pm : It’s hard to tell if the good breakup is gone. A group of seven riders up front, including Anthony Perez, had a 1’30 lead over Peloton. But several riders who missed out on the right car, including Thibaut Pinot, are trying to catch the runaway. In addition to his teammates from the Jumbo team, the yellow jersey team.

1:14 pm : @revenge? And he assured the director of the Emirates team, Mauro Gianetti, yesterday, to the specialized site Wielerflits That it was not a failure for his colt, but a show of strength for Jumbo-Visma. We also know that Tadej Pojjakar does not support heat well, and the mercury forecast at noon today will not help him.

By Romain Bardet We hope his knee, which was sore this past weekend, will leave him at peace. For Jonas Vingegaard, all is well according to his team.

1:13 pm : Hi Pierre Godon, do we know how Bojacar was physically before this stage. As well as Vingguard and Bardet?

1:10 pm : News from Turn 7 ️⃣ #TDF2022

1:09 pm :tdfbeefeaters spread love

1:09 pm : It’s 11.25 PM and I think that’s kind of Ben Lowry

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