Seniors housing is already 75% occupied

Seniors housing is already 75% occupied

What are the peculiarities of Espace et Vie?

“The Biviers Residence consists of 78 furnished apartments organized around à la carte services: catering with an independent kitchen managed on site, hairdresser and beautician, but with an external medical service because it is not a medical residence. »

What about entertainment?

“Activities are determined in relation to the wishes of the residents. We cooperate with CCAS to offer regular meetings with the outside world: shuttle service is provided for shopping, going to the cinema or a show. Inside the residence there are various workshops: memory aids, board games, gym Nice, yoga…”

Is it everyone’s desire to come and live there?

“We offer each resident temporary accommodation ranging from 8 days to 3 months, before they decide whether they want it. Most stay. I would add that 80% of people who die stay on site.”

Is there a shared file among the people residing here?

“They arrive to get away from loneliness, to move as part of a family reunion, or if a home is no longer suitable for their mobility or diminishing abilities. At Biviers, we have a third of people who are independent. As for people with cognitive illnesses, we can accommodate them up to a certain point.” And then redirect them to a more suitable structure.”

Who takes care of the residents?

“We have a staff of 15 care assistants who help with daily life: laundry, transportation, building maintenance, etc. 24 hours a day: one person is also present at night.”

Christelle Auvray, Biviers Building Manager, will add that housing remains open, and everyone comes and goes as they please: “Goodwill among residents is everywhere within this small family structure.”

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The occupancy rate is currently 75% for a “Serenity Package Rent” of €1,500. More details at [email protected] or 04 76 77 75 00.

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