Senegal suspends its decision to announce a new date for the presidential elections

Senegal suspends its decision to announce a new date for the presidential elections

When will the presidential elections be held in Senegal? The question has been on the table for weeks, and President Macky Sall decided to postpone the vote. The conclusion could take place on Tuesday, while the national dialogue takes place against the backdrop of protests and calls for a general strike.

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With our correspondent in Dakar, Thea Olivier

The dialogue began with the announcement of the draft amnesty law that President Macky Sall will present to the cabinet table tomorrow, Wednesday. An amnesty that includes incidents related to political demonstrations that will occur between 2021 and 2024.

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A first gesture of appeasement is when launching a national dialogue that attempts to bring together “the living forces of the nation,” that is, political leaders, civil society, unions, employers, and religious and customary leaders.

Of the presidential election candidates chosen by the Constitutional Council, only two responded to President Macky Sall’s call: Amadou Bathe current Prime Minister and presidential camp candidate Bon Abdullah Dionformer Prime Minister

Many of those who failed have expressed their position, such as the Social Democratic Party led by former President Abdoulaye Wade, whose son Karim Wade He is the candidate. They are demanding the complete resumption of the electoral process so that their candidate can participate in the next elections.

What about the other candidates approved by the Constitutional Council?

Fifteen of the 19 candidates who were absent from the dialogue yesterday, Monday, submitted an appeal to the Constitutional Council to press for the vote to be held before next April 2, which is the date that marks the end of Macky Sall’s term.

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The fall of Pope Gabriel He did not want to appeal, but he did not go to dialogue either. And Idrissa Seckformer President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, finally came to the dialogue.

What is follow-up dialogue?

Today, the technical committees meet starting from the morning of election day and after April 2, which marks the end of Macky Sall’s term.

The actors must make decisions for the head of state at the end of the day. The latter pledged to respect them and sign the decree convening the Electoral College.

Meanwhile, mobilization continues in the streets. Last weekend, several political or civil society demonstrations were held, in addition to several symbolic votes that were organized on Sunday, February 25, the date originally scheduled for the presidential elections. Civil society actors and some candidates for the presidential elections So they voted to press So that the presidential elections can be held as quickly as possible.

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A general strike will also be announced tomorrow, Wednesday.

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