Senators accuse Jair Bolsonaro of committing a "crime against humanity" for managing the pandemic

Senators accuse Jair Bolsonaro of committing a “crime against humanity” for managing the pandemic

Six months of work, 1,200 pages of report and a devastating verdict on the image of the Brazilian head of state. Senators have called for Jair Bolsonaro to be indicted for at least 10 crimes. They accuse him in particular ‘crime against humanity’ for its policy during the Covid-19 pandemic, According to the report (in Portuguese) Posted Wednesday, October 20th.

Consists of senators of various political affiliations, and Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry Also calls for his indictment “Juggler” where “dribbling”.

“At the end of six months of intense work, this parliamentary committee has gathered evidence showing that the federal government (…) has acted slowly in the fight against the pandemic, deliberately exposing the population to a real risk of ‘mass infection.'”

Senate Committee of Inquiry

in his report

For senators, the crimes mentioned in the report are “deliberate”And After the government of Jair Bolsonaro deliberately decided not to take the necessary measures to contain the spread of the virus.

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry in particular investigated the government’s responsibilities in the serious lack of oxygen that caused dozens of patients to suffocate asphyxiation in Manaus, and the anti-confinement speech and denial of Jair Bolsonaro in the face of the seriousness of COVID-19, which he called “grippette”.

The committee also considered the relationship between the government and private health subscribers accused of promoting a “early treatment”, with hydroxychloroquine in particular, which has been shown to be ineffective. One of them, Prevent Senior, is suspected of experimenting with this type of treatment without her patients’ knowledge and pressured her doctors to prescribe them. Human guinea pigs.

The government is also bound by delays and suspicions of corruption in the procurement of vaccines. The investigation committee also called for the indictment of four ministers and two former ministers. The president’s three eldest sons were also targeted with “incitement to crime” by spreading false information.

Senators of the parliamentary investigative committee do not have the power to initiate legal proceedings themselves, but its disclosure could have a significant political impact, as polls have already shown Jair Bolsonaro to be the loser to former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva after one year in the presidency. election.

The fact remains that these accusations, while serious, must nonetheless have mostly symbolic significance at present. The far-right president already benefits from support in Parliament that can prevent him from opening impeachment proceedings. Likewise, Prosecutor Augusto Arras, one of his allies, can block any indictment.

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