Seeka announces excellent performance for the 2020 ‘Fruchtportal’

March 10, 2021

Seeka Limited New Zealand fruit and vegetable vendor, which operates in New Zealand and Australia, reported excellent financial results for the year ended December 31, 2020. Net profit after tax increased by 120% compared to 2019 15.2 million New Zealand dollars. “The New Zealand retail service business increased revenue by 77%,” said Michael Franks, General Manager, Seeka.

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“The company has delivered excellent returns for the avocado and kiwi growers, as Seeka runs the full chain from farms to market. The year 2020 was an excellent performance for producers, consumers and investors. The company generated higher profits, less debt, and maintained shareholder profits.” Seeka’s Managing Director, Seeka, said. Our customers were happy with the quality of our products.

LogoHe concluded, “Sika has completed all crops in New Zealand and Australia, which is a remarkable achievement from our employees and contractors who continued to provide necessary service while the Covid-19 virus was threatening their health and the well-being of Wanna One (Maori of the extended family).”

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Release date: 10/3/2021

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