Scott Automation wins Canada registration

Scott Automation wins Canada registration

The numbers make you dizzy: 600 volumes make it possible to process 3,000 boxes per hour and ship 40,000 boxes per day, at a rate of 120 pallets per hour. But in terms of amounts, it’s the bill that gives Scott Automation wings: $35 million. “This is our biggest request since the beginning of our existence in 1964,” Welcome to Frederic Hermere, Director of the Company’s Handling and Logistics Branch, headquartered in Bloumore (Morbihan). The contract, signed with JBS, one of the largest beef processors in Canada, includes the delivery of a fully automated stocking system and pallet preparation to the Brooks plant, located near Calgary (Canada). The storage part is entrusted to Savoy, with whom Scott collaborates worldwide on all contracts related to food. It includes delivery of the X-PTS Shuttle System for high-density bin storage and retrieval with 85,000 locations (pictured below). Scott took care of the carriers and the end of the line. In particular, it will offer two of the latest generation Pal 4.0 layered pallets that integrate remote control, self-diagnostic and fault prevention functions.

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“A great novelty, compared to the past, knowing that before palletizing was carried out manually, is the fact that now JBS can produce pallets on demand, filling various boxes of the desired goods, which allows faster work and avoids errors ” Frederic Hermere says: Add to: “Our project was more ambitious because the managed meat products on this site contain short DLC packs.”. Scott, who served as principal on this decade, is committed to providing a comprehensive solution, integrating Savoy’s dynamic warehousing and transportation, warehousing and AGV solutions. These will be provided by Scott’s US subsidiary. Commissioning is scheduled for the next two years. An industrial group of New Zealand origin, Scott operates in Europe through its subsidiary Scott Automation, formerly Alvey. The company, which specializes in transport and offloading solutions, has a turnover of 50 million euros with a workforce of 250 people.

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