Science reveals that listening to Dua Lipa is perfect for exercise

Science reveals that listening to Dua Lipa is perfect for exercise

It’s a study that can make you smile, but it turns out to be true… If we now know for sure that music increases our athletic performance, it seems that the singer in particular can increase our performance even more: Dua Lipa would be such a great ally, according to a study published PureGym.

If we say so “Music calms the soul”It also appears to improve our athletic performance. At least that’s what a study by PureGym Sports Network revealed. It’s true that we regularly come across joggers, or athletes in the gym, equipped with their own AirPods to accompany them with music in their workouts. Because yes, music has been shown to have a beneficial effect on our motivation. But according to this British study, some artists or musicians will be favourite, especially when cast iron is raised.

Dua Lipa is the best ally to develop our muscle capabilities

According to the gym brand, the benefits of music on our physical form are well established, but the study doesn’t stop there! PureGym explains that listening to songs increases our ability to perform resistance exercises. According to the study, the simple fact of adding music to our gym sessions improves our performance by 13%. To reach this result, PureGym analyzed the performance of athletes who listened to music while performing weight lifting exercises (squats, bench press and deadlifts). The idea is to see if certain artists or music have an effect on their workouts. It turns out that the singer Dua Lipa is the best who accompanied them in their movements. Thanks to him, athletes have seen an increase in their physical abilities by 38%, thanks to titles such as hallucinationAnd lift or Don’t start now. If the latter usually lifts 60 kilograms, with the British singer in her ears, the athletes were able to lift an additional 23 kilograms.

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She’s not the only star in the song to allow such performances. Harry Styles is making an impact, too. especially with watermelon sugar And I love youYou will be able to increase your strength by 36%, or about 21 extra pounds. The music of Lizzo, BTS, Olivia Rodrigo, Drake and Eminem is also among the athletes’ best allies.

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sources: PureGym

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