Science has spoken: Regé-Jean Page is the most handsome man in the world

Science has spoken: Regé-Jean Page is the most handsome man in the world

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Yes and no. Science said: Reggie Jean Page He has all the conditions for crowning a man The most beautiful in the world. There are very specific criteria for determining whether a face has proportions, symmetry, and which features are considered ideal. According to calculations to determine the Greek coefficient of beauty, which measures physical perfection, the 34-year-old actor scored 93.65%, closely followed by Chris HemsworthAnd Michael B Jordan (Which he started output with Creed III) And Harry Stiles.

The way this score was calculated is easy to explain: plastic surgeon Julian De Silva It uses computerized mapping technology with a series of parameters. For example, the length of the nose, the position of the eyes, the protrusion of the chin, the width of the lips, the shape of the forehead and the shape of the face.

revelation The Bridgerton Chronicle

the doctor who administers Center for advanced facial plastic surgery and plastic surgery in London, convinced that unfathomable mysteries can be solved with logic and mathematics. “Reggie won for his classic beauty, which gives him a gorgeous face framed by beautiful brown eyes. He easily got top marks, especially thanks to the distance and placement of his eyes, as well as the perfect shape of his mouth. The length and width of his nose scored only slightly lower.”

Reggie Jean Page, actor And the face of beauty products, he was revealed in the series by clothes The Bridgerton Chronicleon Netflix. The story is based on the story of the novels by Julia Quinn. embodies the Duke of Hastings, in a relationship with the beautiful Daphne (Phoebe Divinor). Both of them live a modern love story in the extravagant and legalized environment of wealthy families in English tutelage. And no, it wasn’t the scene of the famous ice cream scoop licking with glee that determined the character’s fate.

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Regé-Jean Page is currently one of the favorites to become the newcomer James Bond replacing Daniel CraigBut in the meantime he arrives at the cinema in company Dungeons & Dragons – Honor Thievesin theaters from March 12, alongside Chris Pine And Hugh Grant.

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