Science has decided, here’s the scariest horror movie of 2023

Science has decided, here’s the scariest horror movie of 2023

You won’t miss this opportunity, we are in the middle of Halloween, and maybe it’s a chance to prepare for a little evening.Popcorn cinema and anxiety“At home, with the help of this list of the best horror movies you can watch and rewatch for the occasion. Like fear, that feeling of pain we feel at the presence or thought of danger, real or perceived, is specific to everyone. It’s hard to know what a movie is.” The scariest horror ever.

The scariest movie is…

For this reason, the team… Horror Science Project I decided to call… science. Concretely, the experiment consists of gathering 250 people, before showing at least 50 different horror films in cinemas, and of course analyzing their heart rates, using dedicated devices.

The study then takes into account the development of heart rate, but also the peak beats per minute reached by spectators, caused by “scare.”Jump scares“At the end of this horrific experience, it was the movie Sinister that made the participants tremble the most.

The podium was completed by Host by Rob Savage, while Skinamarink, a Canadian film due to be released in theaters in 2022, rose to third place. For many fans of the genre, it would be unthinkable to not see recent films like Conjuring or Insidious included in the rankings.

This is partly true, since Insidious would be the scariest movie, with an average of 133 bpm among participants. He is followed closely by…a certain sorcery.

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Among the films broadcast as part of horror science project, We also find relics from long ago, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy), but also The Exorcist, Poltergeist or even The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which dates back to 1974).

And if you’re a fan of scary video games, the team is at Horror Science Project Madison recommends in particular, but also Outlast 2, without forgetting Resident Evil VII (which we highly recommend, along with Village), without forgetting the very annoying Alien Isolation (from 2014).

Finally, contrary to what some may think, a recent scientific study has proven that watching horror movies is beneficial to your health. But that’s not all, in addition to their positive impact on viewers’ mental health, horror movies can also… make you lose weight!

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