Science Fiction Facts LUMA Arles, October 23, 2021, Arles.

science fiction facts
From Saturday 23 October to Sunday 24 October at LUMA Arles
### ** The Science Fiction Facts Symposium aims to explore some of the recent developments in science fiction in the context of contemporary art. On the weekend, artists, authors, and researchers discuss the conditions for sci-fi fantasies to emerge, the trails they leave, and ways they can change reality. ** Beginning with the connections between art and science fiction in History will explore art, contemporary artistic practices, and various forms of writing. The history of science fiction tends to emphasize that as a critical medium in many forms, it can create potential worlds, and thus play a major role in artistic, technological, social, and political prospects, often by unleashing new human potential, and non-humans. The type of climate fiction that is gaining more and more attention will be examined, while René Dumal’s “Les Monts Analogues” will offer other perspectives on the work of important contemporary artists. Famous authors and philosophers such as Louvain, Federico Campana and Tristan Garcia will discuss their current concerns regarding imaginative science thinking, while other speakers will address the visionary science experiment Biosphere II, which will be analyzed through the prism of literary influences. This event is an opportunity to discover exhibitions at LUMA Arles that embrace similar visions and incorporate futuristic visions and science fiction novels into their operations. [En savoir plus](–87c12abc-edad-4b77-8707-bd0999ddbd0d.html) ** ** Sophia Almariah (artist), Boris Bergman (writer), Federico Campana (philosopher), Tristan Garcia (philosopher and writer), Dominic Gonzalez-Forster (artist), Charlotte Hoyt and Clara Bakout (artists), Louvain (author), Mahan Moallemmy (writer and researcher) , Philippe Parrino (artist), Olivier Scheffer (philosopher and writer), Jonas Stahl (artist), Virginie Tournai (researcher and author) … **Design: **Vassilis Okonomopoulos, Director of Exhibitions and Programs, Martin Guinard, Curator in charge of conferences and Publications, Flora Katz, curator of the exhibition.
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LUMA Arles Parc des Ateliers, 35 avenue Victor Hugo, Arles Bouches-du-Rhône

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