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Science festival, Toulouse fashion week, dance shows… What are you doing in Toulouse this weekend?

a weather fall Toulouse residents are waiting for this weekend. The weather will be really mixed. Right now, the weather is fairly nice in the Pink City. This will also be the case on Saturday. Meteo France Expect sunny spells in the morning and foggy skies in the afternoon. However, winds of up to 55 km/h are expected in the evening and at night. Winds will bring clouds and blow all day on Sunday. He will too cloudy Morning and rain expected for the afternoon and evening of the last day of the weekend.

For their part, the temperatures will be rather moderate. It will be just over 20°C during the day and Max 26°C Saturday. Jacket season is still far from opening. Before this fateful period arrives, it is time to take part in the various events that are being presented in Toulouse this weekend. We have chosen for you Five picnic ideas. You’ll be able to celebrate science at Lake Rainery, attend dance performances in the streets of the Pink City or watch fashion shows.

Put in the Spanish cinema in the Pink City

Spanish cinema is investing in the darkrooms of Toulouse. From Friday through Sunday, October 10, the Cinespaña Festival returns for its 26th edition. During these 10 days, movie lovers and the curious will be able to discover or rediscover several Spanish films in the cinemas of the Pink City. In the program: a Feature Film Competition Feature films and documentaries, panorama of the best productions of the year and thematic courses.

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meetings with guests, Photo Galleries Discussions with Spanish directors and actors are also organized. Today, we must not miss opening night From the festival at 7 pm at the Cinémathèque de Toulouse. Films Libertad and Un blues para Teherán will be shown and an aperitif party with Los Rumberos is scheduled. Entry is free within the limits of available places. The Health pass Mandatory.

Flag at the party at Lake Reynerie

Fête de la science was recently launched. for this occasion, knowledge platformgardens Museum and the Cultural Center in the Reynerie district, they offer “Lake by the Lake” on Sundays. NS From 12 noon until 7 pmThe shores of Lake Reynerie will turn into a huge playground and discovery. Workshops, installations, meetings, performances, concerts, exhibitions … 33 gifs Outdoors is on the menu for today.

Children and adults alike will be able to experience a Scientific experiment Or a technical challenge, but also the repair or invention of an unusual object. It will also be possible to interrogate the scientific researcher, listen to interactive digital tales and discover artistic surprises such as the “Bird Singer” concert. There will be a small restaurant on site. Access to this event is Free and free. Please note that you need a health permit to use it.

The dance will take Toulouse as a backdrop

The streets of the Pink City will become the stage for a day. Saturday, Five shows Outdoor films and short films are presented to the residents of Toulouse as part of the “Dance Day”. First of all, Sandra Saint-Rose-Vanchine and her 20 music and dance artists will take to the streets of Alsace-Lorraine with an African feminist show at 11:30 am. Next, 1Watt will wander between the silly and curious dance scene at 3pm. Departure at 31 Valade Street.

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If you don’t know Crump, now is the time to discover this raw-looking dance with Fabrice Lambert at 2 and 4 p.m. at Lespinasse. Then meet at the Roman Arena at 7:30 PM where the Compagnie d’Elles will perform. As soon as night falls, Les Vidéophages will be broadcast on Place du Ravelin Six short films Where the dance is shown. Shows are free, subject to availability. Sanitary lane required except for display.

Two days devoted entirely to fashion

Notice for fashion lovers! Saturday and Sunday Toulouse fashion week Go to the Republican wing of the Upper Garonne County Council. An exceptional room with a capacity of 450 seats, a podium of 50 square meters, a 30-meter amphitheater and a giant screen will be equipped to host the event. Over 80 models and 50 artists from all walks of life and 17 barber he will come.

Among the guests, there will be beauty queens and kings, rugby player Gavin Marguerite or Nicole Yardeni, president of the Higher Institute of Arts of Toulouse. Singers, dancers and circus performers will be there too Entertain the audience. This year, the decor is on a Wonderland theme. Giant mushroom, big size lollipops and candy stick, scary cemetery, glowing clouds and stinging snake are waiting for you. The event is organized under the auspices of the Institute of Arts and Fashion. Places are available on welcome.

Municipal greenhouses open their doors

They are accessible to the public Free Saturday. a open house It is organized from 10 am to 5 pm by the municipal greenhouses of Toulouse. The opportunity to stroll through 2.3 hectares of parks and greenhouses, but above all to discover the autumn-winter collection of flowers and plants intended to beautify the parks, gardens, roundabouts and entrances to the Pink City. In the coming months.

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Pansy flowers, flower flowers, don’t forget me, poppy, snapdragon, armeria…more than 200,000 plants Multicolored annuals, biennials and perennials can be admired. Every year, 330,000 are produced in municipal greenhouses. These plants are supposed to be installed in 150 points The prosperity of Toulouse.

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