Science-et-vie-junior: The first science site for young people!

Science-et-vie-junior: The first science site for young people!

A non-systematic website designed by Science popularization experts which offers original content on various topics (Earth, Space, Mathematics, Geography, Technologies, Physics, Chemistry, etc.), as well as Hundreds of articles and infographics selected from the magazine’s archives.

All main topics School programs from CM1 to high school discussed, categorized, and illustrated, as well as Activities edutainment : Science lessons, experiment videos, games, quizzes, puzzles… It is the perfect complement to parent education and school learning to explore science from all angles: Serious and fun!

In the program of innovative and original titles

flag with hands

Writing Flag and Vie Junior He does the experiment in his lab. Video lessons to learn, at home or in the classroom, experiences that are as great as they are instructive.

Pop Science: From Science to Imagination

Science is hiding everywhere, even in your favorite series, novels and manga…

Mister Universe: Immediate takeoff!

Mr. Universe is a space mr. Podcasts to listen to to travel from the solar system to the limits of the universe, through our galaxy and black holes …

Super Reward: The Origins of Kucaracha

BDThere are over 200 episodes of La Cuca! To discover, integrate

His adventures from the legendary episode #1.


Well made head without the fuss!

A non-curricular site for children aged 10-17 for better understanding

Lessons and explore science from all angles.

To discover since the beginning of the school year 2021!

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