Science en Theizh develops a flair for research in Brest - Brest

Science en Theizh develops a flair for research in Brest – Brest

“I love experiments! At home, we often do it!” Capucine really liked what she just did, at the Science en Theizh Challenge Stand, 2nd Edition, at Place des Capucins, on a Saturday afternoon in Brest. She had to move a ball Ping-pong placed on the bottle, without blowing, without touching the ball or moving the bottle.Anne Victoria, of Les Petits Débrouillards, faced her very natural confusion, offering to heat the water, squeezing the bottle in her hands.The ball rose very little and for a short while, under the influence of the expanding air. Kind of hover.” It’s magic! Her parents, Charlotte and Maxim, smiled behind her.

Recently they took cornstarch, with the water it became solid, and when in their hands it became liquid again. “It was so cool!” Capucine recalls. “It’s a non-Newtonian liquid,” explains Anne Victoria. Its viscosity can change when subjected to force. It becomes more solid or more liquid. “Have you tried to put it on the amplifier then?” . No, but the effect seems amazing.

Two awards have been given

In the hall, presentations followed each other, on different scientific topics that researchers in Brest and its surroundings are working on. All live broadcasts online. It should be noted that Hugo Bellin received the Jury Prize for his work on quantum mechanics, and Nazim Mesous won the Audience Award for his work in the field of artificial intelligence.

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