Science: A New Theory - Stonehenge was the first to arrive in another country

Science: A New Theory – Stonehenge was the first to arrive in another country

Science: Stonehenge was the first to arrive in another country – archaeologists have an amazing theory

Was Stonehenge originally in a different location?

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New theories and myths arose around the site of Stonehenge in England. The mysterious stone circle radiates enduring magic. Also from Science There is always new knowledge.

Modern theory of Science It is now suggested that Stonehenge originally stood in a country other than England.

Science: Was the monument moved?

In 2015, a team of archaeologists discovered that some of the Stonehenge stones came from a quarry in Wales, more than 250 kilometers from the site in England.

Now this theory is being expanded. Scientific discovery gives reason to assume that the legendary stone circle originally stood at least in part in Wales and was only later transferred to England.


This is Stonehenge:

  • Stonhenge was built more than 4,000 years ago in the Neolithic period and used until the Bronze Age.
  • The Temple near Amesbury, England.
  • The site consists of a circular floor wall with different stone formations.


The remains of a stone circle amazingly similar to that of Stonehenge have been found in Wales. The Welsh Circle is 110 meters in diameter, just like the moat surrounding Stonehenge, both of which are in line with the sunrise at the summer solstice. At least one of Stonehenge’s blue stones fits into one of the holes in the Welsh Circle.

From this discovery, a team of scientists concluded that the stones may have been moved. The community of people who lived near the site is said to have migrated from Wales to England and took refuge with them.

“It is as if they have just disappeared.” Pearson, a professor of archeology at University College London, told the BBC: “Most people probably emigrated and took their stones – the identity of their ancestors – with them.”


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Studies of human remains buried in Stonehenge also support this thesis. It has already been established that the first people buried there came from South Wales.

The Stonehenge transfer discovery will be explored in a BBC documentary broadcast Friday evening. (Cm / dc)

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