Science: a new theory!  Solving the space mystery of "sun sails"?

Science: a new theory! Solving the space mystery of “sun sails”?

Science: Will you solve the “solar sail” space mystery? New theory on obscure observation

Science: More than three years ago, researchers noticed an unusual intruder in our solar system. (Icon image)

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For about three and a half years, he was Science With this important note!

On October 19, 2017, researchers were able to observe an object in space through a telescope in Hawaii for the first time that penetrated our solar system from another solar system. Now that is Science Quite sure what it was like at the time.

Science has observed an object from the strange solar system

Hawaiian researchers named the celestial body “umuamua” (= ambassador) in October 2017. Because it quickly became clear to everyone involved that this must be an interstellar object.

While all the planets and asteroids in our solar system always move in the same plane, ‘Oumuamua had a particularly unusual path: it zapped almost “vertically from above” toward this plane of motion and rotated around the Sun in hyperbola.

On October 14, 2017, an object (45 x 44 x 7.5 m) passed our Earth – at a distance of about 24 million km and at a speed of more than 300,000 km / h. Then Oumuamua disappeared again into infinite space.

Is it an alien spacecraft parachute?

Since the observations did not match at all with previously known celestial bodies, physicist Abraham Loeb theorized that it could be the severed solar sail of a spaceship. After all, the surface of Oumuamua was so smooth that it reflected sunlight much more strongly than is known from other asteroids.

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Even the fast speed of Umuamua cannot be explained by the laws of gravity and well-tried celestial mechanics. Some of the extra force must have precipitated the body. It was not possible at that time to notice the signs of a normal asteroid’s tail that would have given the body the engine of the recoil.

But now physicists Stephen Desch and Alan Jackson from Arizona State University (USA) have put a new theory on the table – completely without aliens.

The new theory offers a naturalistic explanation

“We can safely identify ‘Oumuamua as a piece of a planet similar to Pluto in another solar system,” explains Stephen Desch.

Solid nitrogen (also called “nitrogen ice”) is found on Pluto’s surface. This material is not only highly reflective, but can also cause a reflux effect in the case of evaporation, which explains the high speed of Oumuamua.


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“Oumuamua may have been ejected from the surface of an exoplanet about 500 million years ago by an asteroid,” says Alan Jackson. “Then it was thrown out of the star system.” The place of origin is assumed to be a young star system in the Perseus arm of the Milky Way, according to reports.Globalism“.

So it may not be an alien spacecraft – but nonetheless a breakthrough scientific discovery. (at)

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