Schools are closed due to teachers’ strike

Schools are closed due to teachers’ strike

Schools from kindergarten to secondary school are closed Thursday, March 16 in New Zealand, as some 50,000 teachers are on strike to demand better pay and working conditions. I can’t afford a dentistAnd “Too weak to print good points”The striking teachers carried banners and demonstrated across the country in a one-day strike.

Trade unions have claimed that the government’s recent offer of increase is below inflation and that the education sector is at a level “Critical condition” due to a shortage of teachers. Discussions with the Ministry of Education were discontinued.

“Quality education is a basic human right”

“Quality education is a basic human right”implored Chris Abercrombie, of the Post-Primary Educators Association. Tragically, as educators, we see this right slowly being eroded (but) certainly”, he added. According to him, improvements in wages and working conditions are key to retaining and recruiting experienced employees. “We want the best for our students but without changes in the system we cannot deliver it for them”New Zealand Education Institute President Mark Potter added.

Education Minister Jean Tinetti said she was disappointed to see teachers on strike and said she hoped the row could be resolved quickly. Recent inflation data, which the government is struggling to keep in check, is raising fears of a recession in New Zealand, at a time when the cost of living has become a major political concern.

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