Scam to steal sensitive WhatsApp data: what’s going on

Scam to steal sensitive WhatsApp data: what’s going on

New app able to steal Whatsapp data and corrupt reputation. Let’s find out what it is.

A new scam is spreading online and manifests itself in a completely different way from the one analyzed in the past. It is, in fact, an application that, once installed on our mobile phone, steals our personal data and WhatsApp credentials. Let’s try to figure out something more.

Warning: app that grabs Whatsapp

Unlike classic data theft attempts, the app FlixOnline It doesn’t enter (at least directly) our bank account, but our account. But where does this virus come from?

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It works in a simple way: it is in complete control of our devices, so the virus can send messages to anyone without us knowing anything. Moreover, it is also possible to receive threats and suffer from blackmail to spread any sensitive information. Pay attention to me well! But how does the virus manifest itself?

How does the new app work

Reggaeton From the name FlixOnline It easily fits with our devices, especially our mobile phone.

There have been many reports of infection with the “data theft virus”. Several Whatsapp users received a message promising two months of free Netflix Premium. Impossible not to click. Once you click on the attached link, the app will download itself and with it other threats and consequences will be revealed.

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But unlike other times, not only economic risks exist, but unfortunately doubling ones appear: the economic and the reputation. (Imagine what an attacker or hacker would do to extort money from us, or imagine what would happen if someone posted our private photos, accusing us of posting our most private content. In that case, hackers would be able to take advantage of our fear.

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However, the problem is about to be resolved: it looks like the app has been deleted, but the news is waiting. Meanwhile, let’s try to pay more attention to new apps.

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