Savia warns 'all blacks': 'Let's not underestimate Italy'

Savia warns ‘all blacks’: ‘Let’s not underestimate Italy’

Rome – This morning all BlackTrain at the Giulio Onesti Center in Rome in preparation for Saturday’s Fall Nations Series test against Italy. arde saviia, the third line of hurricanes and new Zeland, we did not forget the 2018 Olympic challenge, the last direct confrontation with the Azzurri national team before 0-0 at the table of the Rugby World Cup 2019 and thus addressed the press: “If we underestimate Italy, it’s going to be a long time for us. We know what their physicality is, and I remember clearly the last time we put their third row in trouble and we ended up dominating us. We don’t take this race lightly.” Savia spoke about the last match against the Azzurri in Rome, recalling the difficulties he faced in particular in the third line against the Azzurri, and recommended, from the height of his experience, not to give discounts to the Italian package, in the first appearance under management. from Kieran Crowley. Although New Zealand, along with England and Australia, is one of three first-class citizens that Italy has never defeated, Savia wants maximum focus.

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Caution Europe, All Blacks Arrive for Spring Tour!

Savia warns all blacks

With a clear victory they signed Wales The All Blacks are back at the top of the rugby world rankings, overtaking South Africa world champion In the position, and they are the broad candidates for their fourth-ever outing at Olympique Park: “Against Wales, we wanted to focus on the basics of our game and I think we succeeded. We still condone some avoidable punishment, but that’s something we can manage. The youth performance is very good, they train hard and learn: something then that it has comments on the pitch.” Head coach Ian Foster will announce the 15th New Zealander on Thursday at 12 noon.

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