Sauvignon Blanc, Opposites |  Quebec Magazine

Sauvignon Blanc, Opposites | Quebec Magazine

When people say they like (or don’t like) Sauvignon Blanc, I’m often baffled. Do they refer to Sauvignon Blanc’s vibrant, austere, metallic and grassy style from Center-Loire, to the round, ripe, citrusy flavors of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or to the wide, creamy profile? White Napa Valley smoked?

These wines can have a different sensory appearance, since they are served side by side, it cannot be said that they come from the same grape variety. However…

Here are two, one from Chile, the other from the Loire Valley, her hometown. Present it to your blind friends along and have fun. health!

Rafael Tirado, Sauvignon blanc 2021, Laberinto Cenizas, Valle del Maule, Chile

$24.40 – SAQ Code 14479139 – 12.5% ​​- <1.2 g/L

After a few years working for major Chilean companies, brewer Rafael Terrado has developed his own vineyard in the heart of the Mole district, in the paradisiacal setting of Lake Culpin. The Sauvignon Blanc vines he planted there in 1993 are now firmly rooted in the volcanic ash of Colbon, where they also benefit from cool air currents from the Andes. The wine is still more sedate and mineral than the average flavors at New World Sauvignon, especially back in 2021. The wine sparkles more for its structure, straightness and vibrant finish, crowned with ripe myrrh, more than for its explosion of flavors. Remove the jug and let it rest for a good hour, then slowly saute it, drizzling the asparagus with lemon juice and olive oil.

Domaine Mardon, Quincy 2021, France

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$24.60 – SAQ Code 11154241 – 13% – 1.2 g/L

The Mardon family has been producing wine since the beginning of the 19th centurye Horn in the village of Quincy, located about 75 km west of Sanseri, on the left bank of the River Cher. Hélène Mamoux-Mardon has been running the estate since 2002 and today expects some of the label’s best wines. Mardon’s classic white wine reflects the nature of the 2021 vintage well, with floral notes reminiscent of green pepper and asparagus. However, the backstory is not short on fruits. The flavors of peach and pink grapefruit blend together in a round frame; The acidity is fresh and consistent. Classic white served with peas, mint and feta pasta.

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