Saone Wall |  The Espace des Arts collective "Occupons Chalon" remains in the news of Info Chalon Week 5 by Info Chalon

Saone Wall | The Espace des Arts collective “Occupons Chalon” remains in the news of Info Chalon Week 5 by Info Chalon

For five weeks now, the Occupons Chalon has occupied the Espace des Arts buildings in Chalon-sur-Saône. Here’s a summary of this week’s actions and those to come. More details with Info Chalon.

Like the irreducible village of the Greeks, Espace des Arts remains the center of rivalry for Chalon-sur-Saône’s cultural circles., Severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Sunday April 11, the weather is better than last week, the Open Mic concert, Allowing many young people to play in the Espace des Arts front yard (See the pictures illustrating this article).

Also notice the presence of the knight Sabrina sow The company Echinoctis «Negro on horsebackA time for a walk in the streets of our city on a mountain carrying the slogan “I can’t breathe anymore».

Monday morning, it was a meeting of the Political Committee where members of the group wrote a press release for the April 23 resumption., Recovering in casual contacts from other unions. Philip was responsible for liaising with the unemployed unions to invite them to join the event starting April 23 in the morning with the CGT and occupants of the arena of arts. A letter was sent to mayors, representatives and senators.

At 11:30 a.m., the group welcomed 3 young men from the La Colline Theater in Paris and the Commune Theater She is currently touring occupied places in France.

«We had a great time with them discussing our profession and their careers and on various topics, it was so much fun! They left a small trail for us that we hung over the press table. Discussion continued in the agoraHe explains Dax, Collective Press Relations Officer.

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«The district committee has written its “educational project” letter that they will send to Mr. Halimi to intervene in the province of Brie Saint-Jean.She continues.

At 6:30 pm, a videoconference was held on the law. “Global security»On the Théatre de l’Odéon Facebook page.

Tuesday April 20 at 11 am, it was the Programming Committee «Let’s see if we’ll do something else for April 23 to launch ads in the county on Tuesday afternoon because it takes three business days.», As indicated Monday’s summary.

«We have GA tomorrow (Editor’s note: Wednesday April 21) at 2 p.m. to discuss the April 26-27 meeting in Villeurbanne because we have to send the information back to Zoom de Villeurbanne. Thursday evening, we will discuss in the General Assembly the agenda proposed by Villeurbanne tomorrow so that we can verify it with other places Thursday and the summary of the Coordination and Zoom Committee that happened last night», Dax continues.

Yesterday, at 12:30, Poetic Agora was shared about short texts. Today’s topic: Work Poetry. At 2 pm, as usual, put a prostitute.

Today, Thursday April 22nd, Agora has been all about screen filesA presentation followed by a discussion on today’s topic.It no longer lived like a slaveAt 3:00 p.m., a workshop was also held.Set your beat for April 23rd».

Here’s the program for the rest of this Fifth week of “Akolon Chalon” :

Tomorrow, Friday April 23rd, the team will meet at 10:30 AM in front of the Pôle Emploie building with pans and percussion machines., «The 23rd will be good, on May 1st it will be crazy getting ready!».
12:30 PM Agora, with the title Commit Yourself! , Will be devoted to today’s obligations for tomorrow. Today’s topic: Causes of anger.
Saturday April 24, General Assembly at 11 am and Agor-AG at 12:30 pm.Discussions on the General Assembly and then finally Will and Walt. There may be some action to be taken.
Sunday April 25, the group will meet at 10:45 am for Silent Boom followed by Agora Culture? Did you say cultures? Today’s topic: To be or not to be famous? And depending on the weather, open the microphone at 2 pm … or not!

Another busy week for the “occupation of Chalon”!

Karim Bouakline-Venegas Al Gharnati

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