Sancerrois Rugby player leaves to play in New Zealand

Sancerrois Rugby player leaves to play in New Zealand

Tickets were bought a month and a half ago and the plane will take off on January 17th. Destination: Auckland in northern New Zealand.
For Sansiros rugby player Thomas Tarrett, this move to the other side of the world is the result of an “exclusive sporting project”.

A challenge from a former teammate

This somewhat insane challenge, the former Nevers player (His brother Janik is a pillar there) launched it after a conversation with Jack Wetton, a New Zealand player he met in Nevers and has since returned to the country. “He was checking on me, and since I didn’t go on with Uson, he told me to come and try my luck there.” I accepted the challenge.
Then the leaders of his friend’s club were contacted. “The stream went really well. They were interested and I took the plunge,” said Thomas Tarrett.

Sancerre is always without error

In a few months, the person who jumps at the head of his honorary championship with the Wine Growers Club will change his shirt. He will wear the Grammar Tech jacket in Oakland.

Miter 10 Cup in viewfinder

“I’m sure Sancerre will go up to Federal 3.”

Thomas Tarrett (Empty)

And if sport is clearly at the heart of the project, the 22-year-old, who studied at Rugby School in Belleville-sur-Loire, knows full well that he is embarking on a truly human adventure. “I will not leave alone because my companion has agreed to leave everything to follow me. This is also very important to me and I really thank her.”

Sancerre, meanwhile, will lose an important member of his group in January. But Thomas Tarrett isn’t worried about his former teammates. “I’m sure the team will go up to Federal 3. I wasn’t an X-factor either and they’ll know how to get me off the ground. But I’ll definitely follow them from there.”

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