San Marino wins!  Italy is the fourth power among the adults!  - OA Sport

San Marino wins! Italy is the fourth power among the adults! – OA Sport

everybody Tokyo Olympics 2020 93 different countries have reached the podium at least once. From the strength of the United States (39 golds and 113 medals in total), to the eight countries that came home exclusively with a bronze medal. Italy ranked 10th with 10 golds, 10 silvers and 20 bronzes (40 total medals). These are record numbers, a symbol of how much the sport has become increasingly popular worldwide, and now half the world is able to hold at least one of the five rings of Laurel in its hands.

Ma Which country has won the most medals based on its population? The relationship between Olympic medals and population rate rewards San Marino! The Republic of Titan, which before this version did not exist in the medal collection, celebrates with 3 medals (1 silver and 2 bronze). This small state, located within Emilia-Romagna, has a population of about 34,000, therefore 1 medal for every 11310 residents! Those are really staggering numbers and only Bermuda (63918), Grenada (112.523) and the Bahamas (196622) have come close.

Of course, this ranking is equivalent to countries with a small population, the basic parameter of the ranking is clearly improved in the case of medal exploitation. If we will look Countries with a population of between one and twenty million people will be New Zealand best suited (1 medal per 241,112 inhabitants), Jamaica (329,019), Slovenia (415,788), Netherlands (475,969)Georgia (498,465) and Hungary (483,018).

Today Italy can be proud of a medal of 1.51 million people: It is clearly better than Germany (2.24 million), France (1.97 million), Russia (2.06 million), Japan (2.59 million) and the United States (2.91 million), but behind Great Britain (1.03 million), than Australia and the Netherlands. China is off the charts with a population of 1.4 billion and a medal rate of 16.3 million. India should instead split a medal among its 195 million people (only 7 glories for 1.36 billion people).

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Countries with multiple Olympic medals per person (Top 10)

San Marino 11310
Bermuda 63.918.0000
Bahamas 196.622.001
New Zealand 241.112.500
Jamaica 329.019.0000
Slovenia 415.788.0000
Fiji 448.222.0000
Netherlands 475,645 (top 10 in medal table)
Georgia 498.645.000

Countries with Multiple Medals per Person (Top 10 Medals)

Netherlands 475,645 (top 10 in medal table)
Australia 554,345 (top 10 in medal table)
Great Britain 1.03 million (top 10 in medal table)
Italy 1.51 million (top 10 in medal table)
France 1.97 million (top 10 in medal table)
Russia 2.06 million (top 10 in medal table)
Germany 2.24 million (top 10 in medal table)
Japan 2.59 million (top 10 in medal table)
US 2.91 million (top 10 in medal table)
China 16.3 million (top 10 in medal table)
India 195 million

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