Samsung Odyssey G9 2021: Small LED and HDR2000 gaming monitor

Photo: Photo: Samsung, Screenshot: ComputerBase

At the virtual “Unbox & Discover” press event, Samsung presented an overview of new products in the display segment. Accordingly, a new Odyssey G9 series gaming display with MiniLED and HDR2000 can be expected this year.

Last year, Samsung’s Odyssey series started with the strongest curvature of just one meter (1000R) radius. The series was led by Samsung Odyssey G9 (LC49G95T) which not only caught a lot of attention with 5120 x 1440 pixels on 49 inches at speeds up to 240Hz, but also with a production bug meant sales had stopped in the meantime.

The new Odyssey G9 has a small LED backlit

The successor to the Odyssey G9 series announced for 2021 should have a small LED-backlit screen with the same curvature radius, indicating that local dimming extends over several separately controlled lighting areas, allowing for a finer gradation of HDR content. On the other hand, the previous model only has local dimming with ten zones based on the traditional LED technology, which actually produced ugly effects with specific image content with its predecessor (C49RG90).

Hence, Samsung’s new display could be the first in the gaming segment with mini-LED technology. So far, the expensive technology is only available for screens of equal cost in a professional environment, which can hardly be obtained for less than 3000 euros. Against this background, Samsung’s high price level compared to its predecessors should not come as a surprise.

Samsung talks about HDR2000

Samsung is also announcing with a video with “HDR2000”, which may indicate a new level of HDR standard. So far, DisplayHDR 1400 represents the maximum for LCD screens and requires a brightness of at least 1400 cd / m2 in certain areas, so with HDR2000 it can be 2000 cd / m2.

That Samsung from “Like MiniLEDSpeaking, he indicates that the quantum dot coating also uses a greater chromatic spectrum. Samsung has yet to reveal the details of the new Odyssey G9 with its “premium gaming features.” The video talks about 240Hz and 1ms response time, which is consistent with its predecessor. It remains true. Size and resolution back at 49 inches and 5120 x 1440 pixels is an obvious assumption at the moment.

In 2020, the Odyssey G9 gaming monitor makes a lot of noise – this year, Samsung is raising the bar with its Quantum MiniLED display and premium gaming features. The curvature of the 1000R screen, combined with Quantum MiniLED display technology, gives gamers an unparalleled experience. The new G9 joins Samsung’s entire lineup of Odyssey curved and flat gaming monitors.


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