Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 test: A complete success on Android

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 test: A complete success on Android

The Galaxy Tab S8 is equipped with an 11-inch LCD panel that displays 1600 x 2560 pixels and occupies approximately 84% of the front face. It is possible to choose between dynamic refresh mode oscillating from 60Hz to 120Hz or staying stuck at 60Hz to save battery.

As with the previous model, Samsung decided to reserve Oled for its own tab stamped with “+”. However, this choice gives it good autonomy (see below) and this LCD screen is very well made. Peak brightness reaches 537 cd/m², which makes it easy to read, even in bright places. This value drops to a minimum of 6.3 cd / m², which is above average, but also does not harm the eyes in the dark. Reversal is at 47.9%, which is still a bit high. Steady on the shelves, despite some rare exceptions at Apple.

The contrast ratio is 1364:1, the touch delay is 62ms and the afterglow time is about 17ms.

Out of the box, the panel displays a delta E of 3 and a color temperature of 7135 K. So it looks like the group is pretty cool. Passing through the “normal” mode makes it possible to find a delta E of 2.1 and a temperature of 6900 K, values ​​closer to the video standard (6500 K). We notice small drifts on blue and green – which respectively reach delta E at 5.5 and 4.7. Other colors are below the value 3, which is the limit of the perceptible drifts of the human eye. The Galaxy Tab S8 still holds the 5 star on the wire and is a lot of fun for everyday use.

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