Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has the highest tariff of € 18 per month

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has the highest tariff of € 18 per month

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is a new version of the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus. Here you get the best features of the flagship smartphones at a lower price. Without contract, the Galaxy S20 FE currently costs About 495 euros.

Galaxy S20 FE with Contract: This offer is unbeatable

MediaMarkt’s current deal includes that Samsung S20 FE with Vodafone contract for € 17.99 per month. If you combine all costs including one-time payment and connection fees, you will receive 501 €. The smartphone with the tariff costs only 6 euros more than without it. Depending on the color, the smartphone with tariff is cheaper!

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE – € 29, one-off payment
    • 128GB storage space available in red, white, lavender, navy, mint green, and orange
  • Vodafone Green LTE – 17.99 € per month
    • Allnet-Flat (calls and text messages in all German networks)
    • 6 GB data size
    • LTE with up to 50 Mbps
    • Vodafone Network
    • European Union Roaming
    • no one Automate data
    • Delivery price is 39.99 euros
    • There are no shipping costs

If you add up the operating costs of the contract (€ 431.76) and add the one-time payment (€ 29) and the connection fee (€ 39.99), you will get a total cost of € 500.75. Depending on the color, the smartphone is cheaper than buying it individually.

The Galaxy S20 FE is a true flagship

Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is a new, cheaper version of the Galaxy S20 series. Samsung has captured all the important features of the flagship. The Galaxy S20 FE offers the same main camera and ultra-wide angle camera as the regular S20. With its telephoto camera, it can even outperform the regular S20.

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The cheaper Samsung S20 Fan Edition doesn’t work without anything else. Samsung installs the same processor and RAM as on the regular S20 and even gives the Fan Edition a bigger battery. AMOLED screen also delivers a fast 120Hz refresh rate and does away with unpopular curved screen edges.

Small defects

The Galaxy S20 FE is only inferior in terms of workmanship. As with the Galaxy A series, the back is made of plastic, not glass. On the other hand, plastic is more drop-resistant, and if you use the smartphone in a case anyway, you won’t notice the difference.

We’ll tell you how the Galaxy S20 FE works in everyday life reconsidering.

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