Same new music for Loft 33

Written by Annel Larue

Loft 33, a bar, restaurant and concert hall opposite the floating docks, Quai Lawton, reinvents itself to present a new music scene under the new stewardship of owner Minkby and Eric Despons

“We want to make this place the music scene in Bordeaux.” An ambitious project, Malik Menekby and Eric Despons are ready to take on. One is the General Manager and the other Director of Operations, and they have formed the new team at Loft 33, 45 quai Lawton since October 2020.

They tend to “set foot on” this industrial-style infused venue, open since 2018, that offers a hybrid formula between a restoration moment and a musical break, and will soon be remodeled by the new directors, each armed with past experiences. “I would like to convey the successful adventure of Comptoir du Jazz,” explains Malek Menabbi, former director of programming and communications at the late Port de Lune restaurant, which closed in 2014. Eric Despons, the former owner of Bistrot The Gabriel, brings Place de la Bourse to the dishes of future customers the flag of chef Hugo Lederer, owner of Café du Théâtre place Renaudel.

Le Loft 33, “The Place for You”

The two friends want to take advantage of the city’s assets. “Bordeaux is very rich in musical terms,” ​​said veteran expert Malik Menakbi. His seven years at Comptoir du Jazz allowed him to develop his vision even further: “We would like to have a local, then a national or even an international scene like Comptoir du Jazz,” he excited.

“It is a human experience in which we want to invest ourselves.”

Malik Menckby and Eric Despons want to create a “smooth environment where you come for a drink at 7 PM and leave at 2 AM”. As for the director of operations, Purdue lacks musicals, which made him want to invest in “this human experience”. It is undeniable that the health crisis is making the duo fear the impossibility of organizing concerts when the restaurants reopen on May 19. The general manager cautiously said, “We have many possibilities with the groups, but everything will depend on the health measures that will be implemented.” One thing is for sure: their entourage shows their impatience to see the rebirth of Loft 33.

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