Samantha cosplay from Miss.Chalice is perfect in every detail -

Samantha cosplay from Miss.Chalice is perfect in every detail –

Fads disappear quickly but come on suddenly. In the past period, for example,Samsung girl”, better known as Samantha, is an unofficial virtual assistant for Samsung Galaxy. So the cosplayers couldn’t miss the chance to recreate the character, and so he did. miss cup. This is him cosplay in samantha.

The Samsung Girl is the creation of Lightfarm Studios, a company known for creating CGI photos, videos, AR filters, and VR apps. However, Samantha has surpassed the success of every other product of the company and has become Widely. Samsung hasn’t commented on this design at the moment, but that doesn’t stop people like Miss Chalice from creating the Samsung Girl cosplay. The cosplayer explains, however, that in addition to her work on costumes, wigs and makeup, she has greatly modified computer photography, to resemble the character more: the result is really excellent, as you can see.

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Tell us, what do you think of the Samantha cosplay that Miss.Calice made? Do you think “Samsung Girl” was a perfect remake, or do you think you’ve seen high-quality cosplay costumes?

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