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The All Blacks are currently in South Africa in preparation for their first championship rugby match against the Springboks, which takes place on Saturday.

Ian Foster’s players know all too well that they are waiting at the start of this upcoming competition, especially at home, after the disappointment of the lost streak against Ireland. Sam Kane, captain of The Blacks, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated players, just as he was able to be one of the most criticized players after the defeats against the XV of Clover.

Asked by New Zealand media Stuff about his mental state, the third line said he was feeling absolutely fine and had not been too moved by the situation and criticism.

“I’m fine. Just don’t pay attention to everything that is said in the media, and focus on your group of teammates and friends. As long as they support you and believe in you, and you believe in yourself, everything is fine.”

It may be more difficult for those close to me. But honestly, everything is going well on my side. Once we all get down to business, it’s like we’re going into our bubble, and just concentrating on doing things right.

When you don’t get the result you expected, the first thing you do is judge your performance. When you reach this level, players will always look first at their own performance and what they could have improved, rather than looking elsewhere.

There have been some changes in the technical staff that may be able to help us, but it is clear that some of us will have to raise our level on the pitch.”

Obviously everything is fine. Is this a reality or a rhetoric of a facade? How to find out. But Kane, like all other New Zealand players, must realize that a rugby tournament mistake can indeed be a problem.

to summarize

The All Blacks are currently in South Africa preparing for their first rugby tournament match. Ian Foster’s players know all too well that their turn is expected, especially Sam Kanye, who has been under a lot of criticism lately. Captain Black acknowledges his mental state.

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