Salvador, Yemen and Brazil ... the strangest sounds of the Golden Ball

Salvador, Yemen and Brazil … the strangest sounds of the Golden Ball

The votes of 180 journalists on the Ballon d’Or jury appear in the latest issue of France Football to be released on Saturday. As with every year, some options have something to challenge.

Kante is ahead of Bonucci for Estonia, the trio of Salah Benzema and Mahrez for Yemen, or even the Jorginho-Stirling duo of the journalist from El Salvador, who obviously loves Euro 2020 very much. As is the case every year, we find some fine coins in the votes of the 180 members of the Ballon d’Or jury, the results of which appear in the latest issue of France Football, due to be published on Saturday.

These votes, as well as the votes of representatives of Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan, will preserve the “legend” of the Golden Ball, which will be awarded by journalists from the end of the world who will not watch many matches. But this idea has been somewhat undermined by journalists’ choices from what could be considered major football nations.

so no Lionel Messi In the top five for journalists from the Netherlands, nor in the Portuguese representative … who did not vote for either Cristiano Ronaldo (Kante, Lewandowski, Mbappe, Jorginho and Salah, in order). And the Brazilian journalist did not put any of the top candidates, Messi and Lewandowski, in his publication (De Bruyne, Jorginho, Mbappe, Lukaku and Neymar for the so-called Clipper Machado, from TV Globo).

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The New Zealander still has it all!

However, the oddity award (or originality, depending on the matter) can be attributed to the journalist from Bhutan, who did not have any of the future podium members in the Top 5: Salah, Kante, Haaland, Foden and Benzema. Neither Messi, nor Lewandowski, nor Jorginho…

However, we congratulate those who “found” the right platform (Canada, Ethiopia, Wales, Honduras, Tajikistan…), or 4th best, with Karim Benzema, like the journalist from Peru. But a special mention is made, above all, to journalists from Vietnam and New Zealand, who got the same top 5 in the final standings, in the correct order, with N’Golo Kanti to end. However, it should be noted that this is the second time in a row that New Zealander Gordon Watson, OFC TV, has achieved “perfection” in his vote, as he also took the Top 5 in 2019 (Messi, Van Dijk, Ronaldo, Mane and then Salah). We will ask him for his information for 2022…

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