Salmonella in Kinder Chocolate... Ferrero Expresses Regret and Opens an Online Complaint Platform

Salmonella in Kinder Chocolate… Ferrero Expresses Regret and Opens an Online Complaint Platform

After being hit by a wave of consumer recalls, the Ferrero Group decided to open an online complaints platform.

An earthquake rocked the Ferrero group, which was completely absent from shelves during Easter.

As a reminder, Public Health France has identified 42 cases of salmonellosis, linked to the consumption of commercial Kinder chocolate as of April 19. Since discovering these cases of salmonellosis, consumers have avoided Ferrero products.

This Saturday, the group reached out to try to restore the latter’s confidence, and to ensure that “quality, food safety and concern for consumers are at the heart of our priorities at Ferrero”.

The chocolatier declared his responsibility: “We are deeply sorry to learn that some people may have become ill after consuming one of the Kinder products in question in the current recall. If you believe these symptoms have had significant repercussions on your health, career or private life, we invite you to fill out the following form. Our dedicated platform to manage these specific requests“.

Ferrero guarantees that “every file is studied very carefully and we will get back to you as soon as possible”.

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