Saint-Rémy Space launches its first exhibition “Where Your Voice Still Echoes”

Saint-Rémy Space launches its first exhibition “Where Your Voice Still Echoes”

In mid-December, the San Remia space presented the first visual art event dedicated to painting, entitled “Where Your Echo Still Echoes.” After calling for projects…

In mid-December, the Saint-Rémy space presented its first visual art event dedicated to drawing, titled “Where Your Echo Still Echoes.” After a call for projects launched by the city, intended for professional visual artists, the Bordeaux association Pour la Peinture, headed by Dominique Beau Frère, was chosen.

The jury selected the works of three world-famous painters, living and working in Bordeaux and the capital. Their names are Dominique Pecheux, Maya Anderson and Doda Moraes. Even if all three are symbolic, each takes the visitor into diametrically opposed territories.


On the longest wall of the Saint-Rémy space, Dominique Pecheux displays a series bordered by abstract, dedicated to different aspects of the rural landscape in earthy tones (paths, hills, fields, rows of vines, trees, etc.). The images conjured instantly generate daydreams.

In the closed rooms at the back, artist Maya Anderson calls out. With distinctive pictorial lines and eye-catching colours, his subjects and subjects amaze, while fitting harmoniously into every corner of the space.

For Duda Moraes, it is the lush floral patterns in bright colors mounted on majestic canvases laid out in a row on the floor that immediately catch the eye.

The exhibition, which was partly funded by the city's cultural department, received financial support and logistical assistance from the Messinard Association, represented by its president, Maxime Liberton.

“Where Your Voice Still Echoes” runs through January 26 from 1 to 7 p.m. free entry.

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