Saint Paul de Fontes. Hippolyte Coste space titled “Homes of Illustrious”

The Hippolyte-Coste space opened in 2008 inside the parsonage of Saint-Paul-des-Fonts, and was awarded the “House of the Illustrious” label on January 28, thus becoming the first Aveyron site to be acquired.

The opportunity to discuss with Jean-Yves Conse, the founding president of Les Journées Coste, who works daily in this place dedicated to the nickname “Priest of Flowers”, who died in 1924.

The designation “House of Glory” was born in 2011, embodying the desire of the Ministry of Culture to highlight places whose mission is to preserve and convey the memory of women and men who have distinguished themselves in history. France.

In 2019, the network had 245 homes in the four corners of France. On January 28, 2021, the Hippolyte Coste space in Saint-Paul-des-Fonts became Aveyron’s first five-year renewable home of illustrious.

Recognition of a place and a man

For Jean-Yves Conse, Founding President of Les Journées Coste, the brand will have a virtue “He qualified a little better for the place code of the lines which is the botanical space Hippolyte Coste. Coste is such a brilliant figure, we knew he was a scientist of a very good standard, we know his work, but in the end only botany lovers can see it through his work. Hobbyists or scholars know The professional botanist who is a Coast has often worked on his plants or in his publications.This appellation allows “celebrity houses” to address the general public and people interested in culture.The label does not contribute anything financially to the municipality or association, it is merely a recognition of a historical place associated with a recognized figure In the history of science.If you are interested in nature and want to observe, you can learn roughly from the perspective of the work and life of Hippolyte-Coste.Or find an easy way to advance in botany by learning to name plants fairly quickly.So highlighting his work and creating this contrast between The secret place in which he has humbly accomplished and the extraordinary result which has resulted from it is of great importance. It is a colossal work in terms of developing a botany of a humble and discreet character around a very local heritage.”

Centenary Celebration in 2024

Descriptive and pictorial plants of France, Corsica and neighboring countries It constitutes the undisputed masterpiece of Hippolyte Coast, as it is always perceptibly universal in its scope. ” The publications mention it in almost all languages, because it serves as a means of approaching this science ‘ confirms Jean-Yves Koncy.

The work was published in pamphlet form between 1901 and 1906 from more than 60,000 plates of the Personal Herbarium of Aveyron’s Law. As a reminder, the Association Les Jounées Coste, created in 2004, presents temporary events each year to enliven the place around the “priest of flowers” and botany: conferences about his life and work, botanical explorations in his footsteps, exhibitions or even concerts.

On average, the ground floor of the parsonage in Saint-Paul-des-Fonts welcomes 1,000 to 1,500 visitors per year. The designation “House of the Illustrious” was intended to increase the number of visitors to an educational place frequented mainly by beginners.

In 2024 Saint-Paul-des-Fonts will celebrate the centenary of Hippolyte-Coste’s disappearance. Jean-Yves Koncy is already a big summer gathering, animation and production niche vegan who announced it would be big around the event.

A former venture-finance banker in the Paris region, Jean-Yves Koncy graduated in botany in 2017, the year of his 71st birthday, in the shadow of his first illustrious avronnaise in his home and in light of his association with Saint-Paul-des-Fonts since the end of the 1960s.

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