Saint-Julien-Molhesabate: Fête de la science has found its audience

Saint-Julien-Molhesabate: Fête de la science has found its audience

The imagined proposals for the 2021 Science Festival in Saint-Julien-Mulhisabat have found their audience. An encouraging success for the organizers who have mobilized in this small village with a renewed dynamism.

Indeed, on Sunday mornings and throughout the afternoon, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops in mineralogy, astronomy, sound, resonance, insect life, vanilla reunion pollination, the discovery of electricity and the start of a diving rod.

These workshops and conferences were met with a storm by various residents of the neighboring municipalities, and of course St. Julian Mulhisabat.

A success for the speakers who had the great pleasure of answering all the questions and testifying to their knowledge and knowledge with brilliance and passion.

“Next year, the Fête de la science will be more framing and organised, in order to involve as many children and young people as possible, through primary and secondary schools, who will help to organize educational days. Reservations will be necessary with speakers,” points out the link “Au” fil des Pages”.

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